Sports car racer Karun Chandhok says cycling and a balanced diet keeps him in shape

Indian sports car racer Karun Chandhok loves cycling. “Cycling is my key workout,” says the racing wizard when asked about his fitness routine. When not training, it is cycling that this Chennai-based sportsperson indulges in.

“I covered 7000 kilometres last year. This year, till now, I have already covered up to 4000 kilometres and hope to touch the 8000– 9000 mark,” he adds.

Karun has competed in several grand prix and Formula One races. He has been a part of the Force India racing team and is a known face on television presentations and motor racing commentary circuit. When not training, besides cycling, Karun says, “I go to the gym 2-3 days a week and take a balanced diet.”

He enjoys food but at the same time keeps a check on what is on his plate.

“I take a healthy breakfast. For lunch, I take salads with chapati and daal. I try to keep my lunch simple. I count on fish or chicken and rice with salad for dinner.” He likes green vegetables such as okra, and spinach is his favourite. “I really love chicken saag (with spinach).”

Karun also cooks at times. He loves Indian food and spices.

“I cook with lots of spices and flavours. Home cooked food is something I crave for.” Apart from Indian food, he likes Japanese, Chinese and Thai food. “Sushi is very healthy. It’s low on fat and really good for health. ”

Though he calls himself neither a foodie nor a fitness freak, he states that he once shed a whopping 25 kgs in just 10 months.

“The secret lies in simple mathematics. If one can burn out the amount of calories he takes, he can stay fit and if it is the other way round, it is harmful.”

He signs off advising all to eat healthy and stay healthy by staying in shape.