If you had a big night at the pub then you are not going to compensate it with a workout the following day - as a new research found that exercising may cure a hangover, but cannot undo the damage done by heavy drinking.

According to a research published by the Department of Health, UK, alcohol has its own special set of risk factors - damage to vital organs, increased chance of cancers and so on - and no amount of time on the treadmill can reverse the effects of binge drinking.

“There is no doubt that alcohol often contains far more calories than you would expect, so if you are watching your weight it makes sense to bear that in mind as part of your fitness plan,” Public Health Minister Gillian Merron said.

“Damage from regularly drinking too much can slowly creep up and you won’t see it until it’s too late,” the minister said.

Public health expert Dr Carol Cooper said: “Regular exercise is vital for staying healthy, so on the one hand it is encouraging that so many heavy drinkers recognise their drinking habits aren’t good for them, and that they want to make up for it by taking exercise“.

“But people need to be aware that regularly drinking double the recommended limits comes with health risks that can’t simply be burned off down the gym, in the pool, or on the football pitch,” Dr. Cooper told ‘The Telegraph’


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