This exercise is for attaining impressive shoulders and chest


Lie on a 30 degree decline bench.

Grasp a barbell with a medium-wide grip.

Hold it above your chest with the elbows almost locked out.

Lower the bar to the lower part of the chest and press it upward to the starting position.


Stopping the bar anywhere while performing a repetition.

Forcefully locking the elbows at the top.

Bouncing action.

Extremely heavy weights.

Lowering the bar to the throat, which may strain the shoulders (in certain individuals).

Lifting the back off the bench or unnaturally straining the lower back.

Targeted muscles

Helps to build the lower part of the chest.

It trains muscles of the chest region such as the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor.

Also works the front part of the shoulder muscle (anterior deltoid) and triceps.

Who it helps

Sportspersons such as boxers, gymnasts, wrestlers, tennis, basketball and volleyball players, and martial artistes benefit from this movement.

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