Zumba Aerobics is catching up with the old and young alike

Do you think you are too old for the gym? Is the absence of a gym partner your excuse for not going to the gym? If that is the problem, Zumba, an international fitness programme which involves dance and aerobics, might be the perfect fitness regime for you! Zumba is the rage in the city with many people lacing up their trainers to learn this energetic dance form to shed flab. Talwalkars at Kuravankonam was one of the first in the city to begin this and soon there were many fitness enthusiasts moving their feet to the beats of the Zumba.

It has also been started at Power Gym at Vellayambalam. A motley group comprising 20-year-olds to 60-year-olds seemed to share a sort of contagious energy. It could be this vivacity, which has attracted more than a hundred people to enrol for this programme at Power Gym. “The unique selling point of Zumba is that it is fun since it’s a group activity and people don’t realise they are working out,” says Jones Kuruvilla, the health enthusiast behind the venture.

“This routine gives the maximum return on investment in minimum time since you exercise from head to toe unlike in a morning walk,” claims Kashmira P. John, chief trainer for Zumba Aerobics, who is also a former 800-metre state champion.

“The flooring is soft to ensure that people with knee pain don’t suffer,” adds Jones.

If you have a passion for dance and love working out as a group, Zumba Aerobics would be music to your ears or rather the whole body!

Power Gym is located at Vellayambalam and has branches at Pattom and Palayam. Timings are from 5.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.