Courses on flower power

Flowers have long been used to soothe our senses and refresh our minds. Now they are being used by this Delhiite to cure diseases. A medical doctor by profession since 1990, Malti Khaitan began this journey by importing the Bach flower kit from Europe. She now concocts her remedies from flowers like calendula, California poppy and marigold, grown organically in her garden.

“The flowers are plucked early morning in a special way so that their nectar is retained and then energised by the powers of the sun and proper meditation in Gangajal procured from Rishikesh. That is why they have great healing powers,” she believes.

On how these concoctions differ from other forms of medicine, this PhD from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines in Kolkata says, “While most forms of medicine focus only on the physical element of a person, my remedies work to achieve a balance of the body, mind and soul in a human being, thus offering a complete healing of the person from within. The flower essences help to melt the tension in different chakras and subtle bodies of a person.”

Having “helped people suffering from all kinds of illness like headaches, cold, asthma, depression, etc.”, she notes that the results vary from person to person. “Somebody might get cured in two months while for another it could even take six months.”

She adds, “However, I don't stop the allopathic medicine of a patient. This is an alternative therapy which has no side affects and can be taken by a patient along with any other form of medication.”

Courses on flower therapy

After having put down the remedial powers of flowers in her book “Flowers That Heal”, Khaitan now wants to spread her knowledge and skill to more and more people so that it continues to live after her. Keeping this in mind, she has launched a series of courses in flower therapy at her studio in Lajpat Nagar.

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