Strengthen your back muscles with these moves


Stand away from a low pulley machine and attach a long handle to it.

Hold the handle with a grip as wide as your shoulders.

Keeping the knees slightly bent, bend at the waist as shown in the picture.

At this start position, you should be standing away from the machine at such a distance that your arms are fully stretched.

Pull the handle towards your lower chest, squeeze the back for a second and return to start position.

Muscles targeted

It works the latissimus dorsi, teres and rhomboids muscles in the back.

Also works the trapezius muscle.

Has a pronounced effect on the lower part of the lats, where the back ties into the waist.


Not tightening the lower back.

Moving the elbows and upper arms away from the body.

Rounding the back or straining the lower back.

Rocking action.

Excessive weights and poor form.

Who benefits

Develops back width, especially the lower lats.

Sportsmen such as volleyball, tennis and basketball players, gymnasts, rowers and swimmers.


Incline dumbbell side curlOctober 25, 2012