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Updated: September 16, 2012 16:26 IST

Ask Shahnaz

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Malaika Arora Khan
Malaika Arora Khan

Beautician Shahnaz Husain offers tips and answers queries. Send your queries to

I am slim, but my thighs are fat. Suggest suitable exercises. Swetha

After consulting your doctor, do the following exercises. Lie on your right side, leaning on your elbow. Place your left hand on the floor, palm downwards, in front of your chest. Lift your left leg about eight inches off the floor and hold it in this position. Supporting yourself with your hips, elbow and hands, try to raise the right leg and touch the raised left foot. Return both your legs slowly to the floor. Repeat this exercise five times; then turn on your left side and try it.

Suggest a sunscreen that will help oily skin look bright. Also, can I wear make-up, or will it cause acne? Maya

Look for an oil-free sunscreen. After washing your face, apply astringent lotion using cotton wool. It will be available at a cosmetic store. Mix multani mitti with rose water and lemon juice into a paste and apply it on your face. Wash it off after it dries. It reduces oiliness and will brighten your skin. For make-up, apply compact powder, after applying an astringent lotion. Look for a beige or biscuit colour tone. Avoid pink.

How can I prevent the growth of hair over my upper lip? Also, the skin here is dark. Saradha

Home remedies do not remove facial hair. But they are said to lessen the growth if used regularly over a period of time. Try the following remedies. Make a thick paste of sugar, lemon juice and water and apply it in the direction of the growth. Wash it off after it dries. Apply it once or twice a week. Apply a paste of turmeric powder and milk, rubbing it on the skin with a circular motion. It is said to discourage facial hair, but may leave a slight yellowish colour on the skin.

My hair is thin and short. Prabha

The average growth of hair lengthwise is about half an inch per month. But, this may differ, depending on hereditary factors. Also, the growth does not show if the hair is curly. Some reasons for thinning hair are nutritional deficiencies, dandruff, oily scalp, stress, thyroid imbalance and illness. Apply a herbal hair tonic on the scalp daily, using cotton wool. Apply olive oil or coconut oil, once a week, the night before a shampoo wash. Avoid massaging your head. If there is hair loss, it means the roots are weak and massage may aggravate the problem. Applying egg 15 minutes before a shampoo wash adds body to the hair. Diet is important. Eat a small bowl of sprouts daily and include fruits, salads, leafy vegetables, soya bean and curd in your diet. Ask your doctor to prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements.


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