Here are some apps to help fitness freaks track the calories they have consumed or burned

RunKeeper: Over 20 million people all over the world use this app. Track your running, walking, cycling, hiking and biking speeds using the GPS on your Android phone. Its main utility is in strength training.

Also see detailed statistics on your current pace, distance, time and calories burned through this app. Receive coaching on the best running, walking or cycling techniques through built-in audio cues on your headphones. Listen to music to control your workout, measure your heart rate through available sensors and get notified when you achieve personal bests. A must have for dedicated joggers and those who work out regularly.

RunDouble C25K: This app is meant to get couch potatoes and idle people on to an active running regimen. Couch to 5K or C25K allows you to prepare for your maiden 5K, 10K or 50K run by first tracking your time, distance and pace, and announcing the progress made at the end of each run. It also chooses situational songs from your personal music playlist to motivate you while running. View your previous runs, get pace updates at regular intervals and share these stats with friends. This app is a hot favourite among techies.

Jawbone UP: This app has a wristband which tracks how you sleep, move and eat throughout the day and also calculates the number of times you have woken up. The wristband can be worn all through the day and will track the hours you sleep, whether you slept deep or light, and how many times you woke up. It also tracks how much you move in a typical day and compares it with the time spent idle. Set a Smart Alarm which will wake you up at the ideal time in the morning feeling refreshed. Get an Idle alert which will ask you to move if you are sitting idle for too long. The app is available only on iOS phones.

MapMyRun: Another popular app for both indoor and outdoor runs. It helps runners, joggers and walkers of all age groups and ability levels. You can compete on local courses by getting your run timings and overall rank displayed on the leaderboard, count the calories burned and track your diet and weight through the charts provided. Join sponsored challenges and win prizes just for running. Post your run timings on social media and challenge others to beat it.

Endomondo Sports Tracker: One of the highest rated apps for most forms of physical exercise. Set a distance goal for yourself and have an audio coach motivate you towards that target, post the workouts on Facebook and race against a friend’s time and try to beat it with help from your audio coach. Study the best running or cycling routes and navigate your way through those routes using the GPS.