Finding a decent place in Madurai to curve your contours is no more a big task now, as Talwalkar's better value gym, a Mumbai-based brand, has hit the city with its new facility. Fitness freaks can now knock at this new address for slimming in style. Situated in K.K.Nagar, the gym is first of its kind offering more flexible and fruitful fitness regimes. Under a reverberant ambience and other comfort factors, it adds value to the wholesome experience of working out.

Sprawling over 5100 sq.ft in three floors, the unisex gym encloses massage facilities, steam room, safety lockers for members apart from exclusively imported state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

“Our target audience are the elites with a busy lifestyle. Stress is the order of the day and increasing number of people are going for morning walks. We suggest clients according to their requirements and regimes are designed for fitness, as not everyone wants to build muscle,” informs, Mr. Dwayne Pacheco its Roaming Manager.

The gym also has an in-house physician to perform a primary check on the client and accordingly suggest modules, a trainer and a dietician.

Added feature is an entire floor dedicated to cardio exercises and personal training cubicle, where one can find necessary tools to stretch and flex muscles. The USP is that the gym will provide a complete stress-busting indulge, with a DJ to work out some music, pumping up your mood, while you are in action on the machines.

Talwalkar's is opened from 6.a.m to 10.p.m. and offers effective fitness modules for different age groups, so if you want to prune your plumps, simply head here.


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