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KEEP AT IT: Regular exercise brings long-term health benefits
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KEEP AT IT: Regular exercise brings long-term health benefits
Eat. Train. Repeat.

Doing the right thing

Health is the cumulative effect of a million tiny deeds performed over a period of many years »
Yoga on the move

Relax your spine

Our erect posture is the primary reason that we human beings are the dominant species on this planet. Thanks to millennia of evolution of the body and the mind, we now have the ability to harness t... »
Senior citizens, attending yoga class in the early hours. Photo: N. Sridharan Wellness

Of body and mind

What contribution can we then expect Yoga to make in giving relief from psychosomatic ailments? »
January 21, 2015

Fitness is all about posing

Fitness is a little like fashion. While the basic point of both is to look slimmer, feel better and be more confident, both are subject to seasonal vagaries. From a youthful Jane Fonda shimmying h... »
HAND HOLDS AND FOOT RESTS Daniel climbs the rock climbing wall. Photo: Thulasi Kakkat
January 18, 2015

A new height

A 50 foot high and 12 feet wide wall, on the outer wall of the Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium, with what looks like cheerful blue, yellow, orange, red, green and purple spots is turning a few curious... »
January 14, 2015

Calm mind; good digestion

This is about a 48-year-old lady, an Associate Professor in the Delhi University, plagued with chronic rhino sinusitis with reflux. She has been suffering from chronic sleep disorder and anxiety d... »
For best results: Fitness workouts should be fun and not agonising. Photo: S. Thanthoni
January 11, 2015

It is not war

You don’t have to kill yourself every time you go to the gym. Any serious athlete knows that rest, recovery, and modifying intensity, based on goals, performance, and ability are absolutely crucia... »
Partha Pratim Bose
January 7, 2015

Wellness: Humming bee; normal breathing

There is a 55-year-old man, a chain smoker and a patient of chronic bronchitis. He was also a severe insomniac and suffered from high blood pressure. He also had anxiety and restlessness.He... »
Huzefa Talib, Devrath Vijay and Kris Ebenezer
January 6, 2015

A holistic approach

Devrath Vijay, Huzefa Talib and Kris Ebenezer quit their high-paying jobs to set up The Outfit (»
Smile more, stress less PHOTO: MEENAKSHI MADHAVAN
January 5, 2015

Beyond just diet and exercise

It’s the New Year and it’s the time to resolve to get in shape. Gym memberships are discounted, training floors are packed, dreams run wild and everyone is looking for the best exercise or diet pro... »
January 4, 2015

Getting in shape for success

Planning and monitoring is of immense importance to add value to what one imparts and that is one aspect that the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) in Sydney teaches, contends... »
Swapnil and Karamdeep perform at the inauguration PHOTO: V.V. SUBRAHMANYAM
December 31, 2014

Upbeat about yoga

Just a few yards from the madding crowds on the main streets of Yousufguda, about 2000 competitors showcase their amazing skills in yogasanas when the 39th National Yogasana championship was held a... »
Aman Dua
December 31, 2014

Wellness: Bliss with motherhood

Pregnancy is a blissful period. Usually women have radiant skin and luscious hair during pregnancy if they are careful about their nutritional status. After delivery the hormonal withdrawal... »

Fitness her key

To fit the bill

Not skin deep

Stay active

Let there be 6 packs

The calorie countdown begins

Bollywood actress Amy Jackson. File photo
January 21, 2015

Star Track: Sporty girl

As the cash registers are set ringing by veteran director Shankar’s ambitious new film I, with its front man Vikram’s performance receiving near universal acclaim, it is the movie’s female l... »
January 16, 2015

It’s all in the eyes

The worries of the parents of school-going children centre largely on their children’s growing pains. There are stories of poor appetite, poor vision, lack of focus and hyperactivity or extreme dul... »
January 12, 2015

For the tough times

This festive season, when the world was exchanging messages of happiness and joy, I received a call announcing the loss of a loved one. Death is hard to accept, but even more difficult when one’s... »
ON THE GO Winfred Michael and his many cubes
January 8, 2015

A puzzle on two wheels

When Winfred Michael, a final- year Physics student from Madras Christian College, got his first Rubik’s cube, he was stumped. After many tries, he could barely get one side done. A few days ago, h... »
Fitness trainer Alkhas Joseph PHOTO: S.R. RAGHUNATHAN
Chennai, January 6, 2015

The man behind those famous packs

In 2007, Alkhas Joseph was sent to Chennai by his boss Satyajit Chaurasia, a celebrity fitness trainer in Mumbai to meet an actor called Suriya, who was looking for a new fitness trainer. Having li... »
The benefits of walking and jogging are too good to ignore
January 5, 2015

Confessions of a walkaholic

It all started on October 2, 1999. I was in my early forties then, quite late in life, but not very late. I started four major daily habits on that day: walking and jogging was one of them.N... »
Care first: Use shoes with a slightly elevated heel to protect your achilles tendon. Photo: special arrangement
January 4, 2015
Road runner

Beware of Tendinosis

For most, the words ‘achilles tendon’ bring to mind stories of Greek mythology. Not for runners, though. For us, these two words are inextricably linked with heel pain and niggling worries about wh... »
January 2, 2015
Yoga on the move

Finding Godliness in cleanliness

Traditional yoga considers cleanliness an important aspect of one’s emotional and spiritual development. A key factor in how good you feel in your body is determined by how your body processes wast... »
December 31, 2014

Training on mental health

Udayan Care recently organised a workshop in New Delhi recently to train and build capacity of NGO staff and volunteers in dealing with mental health issues. The two-day workshop, Mental He... »
December 26, 2014
Yoga on the move

Shrug the weight off your shoulders

Here is a good tip to recognise somebody who spends way too much time sitting at the computer: look for rounded shoulders, stiff wrists, a droopy head and burning pain between the shoulder blades. »

Yoga on the move: find a way out of fatigue

The myth of the perfect body

Yoga on the move: take the monthly pain away

How to recover after a race

Get ready to race

What yoga teaches you

When you worry intensely about anything, your thoughts raceand weave around each other. They replay scenarios over and over as if trying to force reality to bend the way you want it to. These thou... »