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FIT AS A FIDDLE: Christian Bosse. Photo: G. Moorthy
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FIT AS A FIDDLE: Christian Bosse. Photo: G. Moorthy

To fit the bill

With a scientific approach and cutting-edge technology, fitness expert Christian Bosse has ushered in high levels of professionalism in the exercise routines of sportspersons »

The myth of the perfect body

What makes you seem cool and popular may not always be what’s best for you health-wise »
illustration: Sreejith R. Kumar Inside view

Not skin deep

A face off in a cosmetic store »
December 12, 2014

Yoga on the move: take the monthly pain away

In the mystic tradition of tantric yoga, a woman’s menstrual cycle was considered sacred as it holds the promise of life. Ancient cultures and civilisations revered a woman’s 28-day cycle, and the... »
Viparita Karani
December 7, 2014

How to recover after a race

Okay, as you read today’s edition of the Road Runners series, you are probably a bit sore from running yesterday’s The Wipro Chennai Marathon and realising that your range of motion is not the same... »
December 4, 2014

Get ready to race

One of the biggest running events of the year is upon us. Thousands of runners, high on enthusiasm and adrenaline, are all set to burn the city roads in an event that celebrates the human spirit.... »
LOVE YOURSELF: Health has nothing to do with being skinny
November 30, 2014

What yoga teaches you

I hate shopping for jeans. I would rather endure a Brazilian wax by a novice waxer who is still angry from the fight she just had with her boyfriend than go shopping for jeans. Don’t get me wrong;... »
Supermodel and actor Milind Soman. Photo : Thulasi Kakkat
November 27, 2014

Straight from the sole

From the gamut of roles that Milind Soman juggles effortlessly - swimmer, model, actor and runner- it is the role of a marathoner that he has come to love the most. “Marathon is a special distance,... »
Sleep apnea is a condition where breathing is interrupted, causing disturbances in sleep. Photo: P. V. Sivakumar
November 26, 2014

Generating oxygen for good health

Belly fat is the most challenging problem in India’s productive population. The most frequent problems faced by people with belly fat are metabolic problems like lipid disorders, diabetes mellitus,... »
November 23, 2014

Don’t sweat the small stuff

What does sweating have to do with weight loss? Nothing much and definitely nothing permanent. Sweat is basically water mixed with electrolytes, mostly sodium. Sweating is a way for t... »
Ramona Braganza
November 19, 2014

Love your body

Ever wondered how Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson and many more such actors stay lean and fit? Well, Ramona Braganza, Hollywood celebrity fitness trainer, reveals the secret in her bo... »
Quiet and undulating roads with scenic views are a highlight of the brevet in Thiruvananthapuram, say members of Trivandrum Bikers Club
Thiruvananthapuram, November 12, 2014

Here come the randonneurs

Helmets strapped to their chins and with a tinkle of bicycle bells, cycling enthusiasts in the city and beyond gear up for what is Thiruvananthapuram’s first ever randonneuring event, a.k.a. ‘brev... »
Dr. Partha Pratim Bose
November 12, 2014

Nasal breathing a panacea

There was a 45-year-old chronic moderately persistent asthmatic on preventive inhalers. Despite being on inhalation therapy, she was getting seasonal aggravations. She was otherwise active and wel... »

Diets don’t work

Don’t let labels limit you

Steps to health

Handling stress, the smartphone way

Getting rid of diabesity

Building a solid base

Wellness: From illness to good health

Four-step fitness test

Yoga on the move: the strength from the core

V.J. Yudhishtir has a different fitness mantra
December 10, 2014
Star track

Stay active

When he walks in wearing his recently acquired pilot uniform for Star Plus’s show Airlines — har udaan, ek toofan, V. J. Yudhishtir looks every inch the tough guy who loves to flaunt his ph... »
COIMBATORE, December 7, 2014

Let there be 6 packs

Karthik, 22, hails from Tirunelveli. His father is a businessman who manufacturers aluminium utensils, mother is a home maker and his brothers help his father at work. Karthik himself is pursuing... »
Time to start relooking at health and fitness
November 30, 2014

The calorie countdown begins

Mirrors don’t lie. Neither do weighing scales. And it is that time of the year when your relationship with both is going through a rocky patch. Eid, Dussehra, Diwali, Halloween and Thanksgiving ha... »
November 28, 2014

Yoga on the move: help your hormones

Many people blame their weight problems on a slow metabolism, but what does that really mean? Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. During this c... »
Actor Dino Morea
November 26, 2014

Stay fit

Bollywood actor Dino Morea is now seen more as a fitness expert than an actor waiting for the release of his next big film. He stresses the virtues of playing all sports and links fitness to educat... »
Girija Balasubramani
Chennai, November 25, 2014

Now into the last leg

Padma Ram I wasn’t able to run at all due to some personal commitments but I managed to squeeze in two cardio three strength training sessions. I am a little unhappy about losing a... »
November 21, 2014

Find ebullience in exercise

Feeling down and in the dumps is a phase that all of us go through at some point of time in our lives. There are also those who live with chronic depression and need medical assistance to help them... »
Real yoga doesn’t happen on a beach against a sunset.
November 16, 2014
Urban Yoga

Yoga in the age of the “selfie”

I love Instagram and my feed is filled with pictures and videos posted by yoga teachers from across the world. I usually scroll through Instagram whilst sipping my morning pre-yoga coffee. I gasp a... »
Actor Tia Bajpai
November 12, 2014

Cardio girl

Singer-turned-actor Tia Bajpai has definitely come a long way. The ravishing actor is seen in Identity Card and her confidence can easily be seen in her body language. She looks supremely f... »
It is important to encourage a fitness regimen in children Photo: K.R. Deepak
COIMBATORE, November 10, 2014

Never too early to start

There is a staggering increase in childhood obesity that only grows year by year. And, it is the parents and caregivers who have to play an active and effective role in preventing this. W... »

Running fast to run longer

Skin clear

Sound mind, sound body

Raga fitness

Letting go to find freedom

Deprived? Not the vegans

In the pink of health

Break the monotony

When you worry intensely about anything, your thoughts raceand weave around each other. They replay scenarios over and over as if trying to force reality to bend the way you want it to. These thou... »