If you are tuned in to the latest in fashion, you will notice fashion icons and glitterati such as Kristen Stewart, the Olsen Twins and closer home Farah Khan and Poornima Indrajith flashing them.

From playing a supporting role to earrings and neck pieces, chunky rings have come into their own as more celebrities turn their jumbo-sized accessories into the key focus of their fashion statement.

According to Suhaas Rao, managing director Bhima Jewellery, for a woman it's the visibility of the jewellery that matters. “Be it a ring or a bracelet, that piece of jewellery becomes a fashion statement for them.”

Says popular TV anchor and actor Poornima Indrajith: “Chunky rings are feminine yet trendy.” She says that she has a modest collection of such rings. “I have a penchant towards Mughal inspired rings. A favourite in my collection is a lotus-patterned ring, which I picked up from Jaipur.”

Wedding planner Diji Shujahi believes in letting her fingers do the talking too. “I love chunky accessories. I have a weakness for rings and remember how, while in college, I used to wear rings on all 10 fingers! Chunky rings can be girly, flirty, edgy or chic as they come in different designs. I love plastic rings as they are inexpensive when compared to the gold ones. In fact, I have two bow shaped rings in white and black respectively which I wear frequently. The patterns in plastic and other metals are more varied when compared to those in gold.”

Fashion mantra

And bigger the rings the better, seems to be the mantra of these fashionistas. Says John C., proprietor, Variety Fancy and Variety Mall: “Victorian-styled rings, Kundan-worked rings and rings with a single stone are what's popular amongst women now. Rings with stones the size of mini pappadams are also doing well; the stone covers all fingers except the thumb. As the ring is so big, one can't bend that finger with ease.”

As they do with bangles, bindis and the likes, women select the rings to match their daily wear. Says John: “These rings come in a variety of elegant stones, colours and shapes to complement their wardrobe. Kundan rings with a dull gold finish are what most women choose as it goes well with ethnic wear.”

Animal motifs

In gold, it is rings with animal motifs that are fast moving. Panther-shaped, rabbit-shaped, peacock-shaped… all of them are quite popular amongst women. While some are studded with diamonds and semi precious stones, others have a copper finish to give it an antique look.

However, if you think it's only women who are into these rings, think again. Voice expert Ananth Vaidyanathan (Airtel Super Singer and Josco Indian Voice) is fond of supersized rings too. In fact, Ananth has flashed them on screen a couple of times.

“I love chunky rings as I feel it suits my personality. I love shopping for rings and don't mind taking time searching for the right one.”

He also takes time to colour coordinate his rings with his outfits. “When I have the time, I try to go for contrasts.” So, what kind of rings does he go for? “I don't wear rings in the shape of insects or butterflies but I did pick up a flower-shaped ring from Singapore.”

And how did he start wearing chunky rings?

“Well, it started when I had to grow my hair and beard for a role in a movie. I looked unkempt. That is when I stated wearing chunky jewellery with an emphasis on rings; I felt it gave me a regal look.”

So, what is your ring size?

Style quotes

Chunky rings don't quite look good on all fingers.

Says Poornima: “I feel it looks best on long, slim fingers. Your fingers must be well manicured.”

Diji, however, feels it all comes down to attitude. “It's the personality that makes or breaks this look.”

She adds: “If you are choosing to go hip with a supersized ring, keep in mind that the rest of your look needs to be subtle. Avoid matching your chunky ring with other chunky pieces.”