Trends: The pinafore dress has graduated from school to high fashion, writes Neeti Sarkar

The last time you wore one, you must have been in school. While for most of us the pinafore as uniform is emblematic of happy schooldays, it has now been given a stylish makeover.

According to stylist and fashion blogger Kanika Karvinkop, “Pinafore dresses are super cute. They have such a girlish charm. The season is all about dressing light and easy and the pinafore dress will do that for you and keep you looking chic as well.”

The garment now comes in a variety of trending prints and patterns like floral, bird/animal, paisley, camouflage and baroque among others. For a softer, more feminine look, polka dot pinafore dresses are a huge fad. Some women are even taking to monochrome horizontal stripes and plaid.

Suggesting how one can get the pinafore look right, Kanika says: “I think denim pinafores look the best as they can be paired with anything. If you’re out for a brunch or a picnic, you could wear it with a bright tropical print or neon crop top inside strappy sandals. If you plan on wearing it at night, you could team it with a sparkly blouse, wedges and a cute clutch.”

Despite covering a gamut of styles and modern twists, the leather pinafore still stands out as the key piece this season. Corduroy and jacquard print pinafores are also quite the rage. In terms of colours, there are no restrictions.

With the pinafore looking fairly close to overalls, you might end up looking like a little girl if it is not well styled.

“Given that the pinafore dress on its own is very girly, it needs to be contrasted with something bold,” says freelance designer Sneha Sood, adding: “One can wear chunky metal jewellery with a pinafore dress. Big watches are a good idea too. Wearing loafers or ankle length boots is an intelligent way to reduce its girly-ness. A leopard print satchel could also do the trick. A nice pair of sunglasses that suit your face shape is a must.”

So does the pinafore comes with an expiry date?

“A lot of women would think age is a limiting factor, says Priya Trivedi, a designer. “That doesn’t have to be so. It all depends on the styling. Many older women prefer wearing ankle-length pinafore dresses paired with flat sandals. Your only concern should be if you have the frame to carry it off. You don’t exactly need to be puny or petite but it is better for women with a larger frame to stay away from this trend.”