Tussar Trove is back in town. Czarina has a collection of Tussar saris that combines the Tussar with a variety of textures and embroidery. So there is Tussar with jute, tissue and kota in addition to Tussar silks in a range of colours. Vibrant exotic colour combinations give way to classic blends of cream and gold.

The Tussar silks come in designs that combine traditional motifs and patterns with contemporary abstract prints and folk art. From bold geometric designs to pale paisley prints, there is a sari for every occasion and mood, and, of course, purse. The brighter colours are complemented by muted shades of the same colour palette or by contrasting shades that make the saris ideal for different times of the day.

Jute silk is much in demand for its texture and look. Light-weight Tussars combine the delicate feel of the Tussar with the grainy touch of the jute. The saris come in bright colours with the pallavs in cream jute adding a touch of class to the splash of colours of the saris. Matching blouse pieces are in the same colours as the body of the sari.

Richly embroidered Tussar saris are for festive occasions that call for elegance and not glitzy. Sequins and heavy embroidery in different threads enhance the lush feel of the saris.

If heavy saris are not your scene, perhaps you should be looking at the Tussar and Kota combinations that look as delicate as they feel on the skin. The drape of the sari flatters the figure as it falls lightly and yet it is not clingy in any way.

If Tussars are your kind of sari, then check out the collection for the sheer variety it offers.

The price ranges from Rs. 2,500 to Rs.10,000.

The exhibition and sale of Tussar Trove goes on in Thiruvananthapuram till the end of November.