Jeans are an evergreen fashion statement, a timeless classic that deserve a place among the wonders of the world. They are more versatile than any other article of clothing. They can be worn with T-shirts, kurtas, kurtis, shirts...the list goes on and on.

They come in all colours, sizes and shapes. They have been a rage with our grandparents, parents and now with us. They are indeed in our genes.

Age no bar

Jeans can be worn by people of all age groups—little kids pair them with cute babyish tops, we teens wear them with anything under the sun. Our parents stick to the more accepted jeans and T-shirt/jeans and kurta combination.

Even some senior citizens wear them with pride and flaunt their everlasting sense of style. You can never be too old to look good!

Jeans are indeed a boon to the fashion industry. They can be worn by people of all builds and frames-whether you are elegant and small-made, on the heavier side or even very tall; you will always find your soul pair.


Jeans also suit our personalities and our sense of style-whether it is girly, grungy, tomboy or classy. We feel like fashionistas, like divas ready to walk the ramp when we are in our best pair of jeans.

However, we owe our happiness to a man who, at the age of 24 began manufacturing one of the world's greatest fashion breakthroughs.

Yes, I'm talking about Levi Strauss who set up the Levi Strauss and Company, in the 1800s.

Let's pay a tribute to this great inventor whose invention, even though not scientific, has proved to be extremely useful. Celebrate May, the month of the birthday of jeans in your wardrobe: must-haves, your true blues.

Samyuktha Nair, IX, P.S.B.B. K.K.Nagar.


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