The bounce, the hit, it’s all there. But don’t miss the coloured hair, the spikes, the chunky gold chains et al this season at the IPL

You read about it in the papers, you catch it on TV, every second tweet, link, status update or meme on social networking forums is about it. If there’s one thing you cannot escape now, it’s the IPL 2013!

While some are busy keeping track of the number of Gayle storms experienced this season, other cricket aficionados are obsessively collecting autographs from, and photographs with, their favourite players. In the thick of cricket action, one cannot deny that some of these men are grabbing eyeballs for reasons apart from cricket — their looks! Here’s a list of some of the freakiest looking players at IPL this season:

Lasith Malinga

Whether at the World Cup or at the IPL 6, he is one cricketer who is intimidating in every way possible! This man, whose freaky looking mane comprises golden curls that definitely don’t complement his skin tone, spells danger on field with his looks as well as with his pulversing bowling skills! His pulled back multiple braids, coupled with his pierced eyebrow, make him one of the most eccentric looking cricketers.

Chris Gayle

Apart from the fact that he plays for a team that bleeds red and gold, Gayle paints the town red as he flaunts his classy diamond-encrusted shades and carries off dreadlocks with as much élan. Considered one of the most stylish cricketers, he makes sure he’s newsworthy game-wise too with all those sixes and fours! His highly conspicuous ear studs also add to his freakish look.

Ravindra Jadeja

While on the one hand the Internet is brimming with jokes about ‘Sir’ Ravindra Jadeja, on the other, there are fans aping his latest CSK hairdo! His cropped hair embossed with the initials of the team he plays for has given him that edgy look he quite desperately needed!

Sunil Narine

This Trinidadian off-spin bowler and left handed batsman who plays for Kolkata Knight Riders is also the talk of the town during IPL 6. You surely don’t expect a bowler of his calibre to keep his hairstyle simple. While his Mohawk has received mixed reviews, it’s the hefty gold chain around his neck that everyone’s talking about, so much so you would wonder if he stole it from good ole’ Bappi Da!

Andre Russell

Call it a bird’s nest if you may, but this Delhi Daredevil is really one not just because of the way he clobbers the ball but because of his daring hairdo! Sporting a voluminous mane only in the centre and slanting L-shaped side burns, Andre Russell is another of those eccentric looking players at this season of the IPL!

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