Prasad Bidapa is on the prowl with his pretty people in tow. After Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma, will he have another fresh face for Bollywood?

Designer and image consultant Prasad Bidapa’s eternal claim to fame will be that he found Deepika Padukone and re-directed her to Bollywood. Walking the ramp at the Megamart Mega Model Hunt 2012 were 20 young boys and girls with stars in their eyes and the same rags to runway dreams. The event also saw the launch of the new look and logo of the value fashion retail chain, Megamart.

“This is one of the most important dates in our annual calendar and is very close to my heart because it is here that we find the ubharte sitare,” says Bidapa. “Together with Kevin Oliver, who represents the international face of Prasad Bidapa Associates, we have refined and created a platform where impeccable training is imparted to these youngsters to allow them to grow and develop as models.”

Present at the event was Bidapa’s associate from Dubai, Kevin Oliver, who has been with the designer for the last six editions of the Mega Model Hunt. As the head of the training module he says, “I have taken a lot of Bangalore models to Dubai to work with me on my shows over there and the city produces some of the best models in the country. We have an international image to keep up by finding and training the very best.”

The models’ training schedule aims to equip them with the basic skills required to survive in the entertainment industry, which include fitness, skin and hair grooming, runway training, dance workshops, photographic modelling, TV and theatre workshops and make-up lessons. And of the 18 girls and 15 boys, one model will be one step closer to realising his or her dreams of success and stardom. The models will be trained by Bidapa along with Kevin, and will be a part of the Megamart Mega Model Show on August 25 at the Bowring Club.