The best way to update your look is to move back in time and follow the retro style to the T

Retro is back with a bang. Be it the tinsel town -- Once upon a time in Mumbai, Action replay and Tees Maar Khan, or the ramp, history has repeated itself yet again. If you thought that the ever-evolving fashion world has something new and exciting in store for you, take a closer look to realize that most of these new styles are basically the rehashed versions of old fashion statements. Want to look great and stand out in a crowd? Embrace a bygone trend using some innovative colours.

Looks like the big bun of the sixties will dominate hairdo trends of 2011. Flaunted by yesteryear actresses like Madhubala and Meena Kumari, the big bun went on to become a rage in the fashion industry. Trends to watch out this season are hair that has been ‘done up' with a retro twist and a solid structure. The hair is smoothened and prepped before being styled. Chic chignons for elegant night outs are a perfect choice.

In the outfit section, short and figure hugging kurtis with cigarette pants is making a comeback. Remember with what poise the ever-pouting Mumtaz and the wide-eyed Asha Parekh sported them. Short kurtis teamed with leggings is the current craze. If you want to look bold and beautiful, go for bold bursts of colour. The louder the better! The once popular maxi has surfaced again this year, a perfect choice to feel angelic and feminine in flowing chiffon.

All things loud seems to be the mantra of the day. Makeup can be loud too and in all textures, from glossy to cream to matt to even chalky. Just forget all you knew about subtlety, it should be bold and confident on eyes, lips, cheeks, nails. You have the choice of treating your face, hair and body as an open canvas and see how creative you dare to be. Highlight the inner corners of eyes to bring them out and accentuate them till the outer end with bold kohl colours. Don't shy away from the glitter of seventies disco revival, its here to stay and see the year out. Think seventies, Studio 54, and disco glitter glamour. Again, no half measures do it loud and make yourself feel swollen with pride.

There is a wind change in men's wardrobes too with punchy colours, funky trousers and coloured shirts. There used to be fewer labels and very staid styles (read boring) available in the market. Even men were less experimental with their looks. But now the metro sexual man is going great guns with his taste in clothes and accessories, giving the women tough competition. The best thing about men's wear this year is that there is no single monotonous look.

Men's fashion 2011 is all about stashing a few pieces from your dad's safari wardrobe, mixing it with a wide-ranging colour palette and pleated wide legged trousers; the flashier the more fashionable. Must-have- shorts in various lengths will be a hot item for summer. Designers have teamed them up with Havana shirts, printed Jamaican shirts and formal suits.

Then there is this military crew cut style which is definitely in. Men are keeping it short and minimal this season. For a short to mid-length crop, try keeping hair to one side and swept forward. Faux hawk if you want short hair, style it up with gel or the side to cheat the Mohawk. This is a great option for corporate guys who have their office look through the week but want to punk it up at weekends.

2011 is seen as a wild and creative year for fashion, makeup and hair trends. Be daring and remember fashions fade but style is eternal.

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