Can knitwear be trendy and chic? Check out Anteedote for your answer.

Ask a seasoned Chennai-ite what T.Nagar stands for and you'd probably hear jewellery stores, rich Kancheepuram saris, roadside bargaining at Pondy Bazaar and the traffic.

But less than a month ago, this picture changed; for good! Chennai just welcomed a new knitwear boutique, situated in close proximity to a popular pasta bar.

Knitted fashion

Anteedote, Fifth Avenue Sourcing's first retail store, opened in the city recently to much fanfare and anticipation. The store specialises in knitwear and is out to prove all stereotypes wrong. With popular misconception being that knitwear collectively refers to polo-necked shirts and warm woolens, the team behind Anteedote breaks this image. The customer soon realises that knitwear can be figure-hugging, flattering and comfortable too.

Anteedote is host to 90 styles for men and another 90 for women, ensuring that you are spoilt for choice. What more, these styles, designs and colours will change every quarter to make sure you keep coming back for more.

The interiors of Anteedote will would probably cause quite a few eyebrows to rise. Dim lighting, mannequins lounging on the stairs and models with smileys for faces, they are anything but orthodox. Yet, every part of the layout has a story behind it. When Pramod Sharma (Chairman, Fifth Avenue Group) and Bimal Kumar (MD, Fifth Avenue Retail) decided to launch this store, they wanted to make it a regular hang-out space for the youth. With their target audience being the 16 to 26 age group (and everyone young at heart, of course), they fashioned the store around what they believed was the essence of all youngsters today: smile, cool, music, sunshine and love.

The casual mannequins give the store an informal touch, sending out the message that there aren't too many rules to play by in this space and that customers are welcome to be themselves. What is most intriguing are the smiley-faced models. As Mr. Kumar put it, “We believe that we don't need models to showcase our clothes. Everyone with a smile on their face, spreading the sunshine, is our model. Everyone will look good in these clothes.”

When asked why they chose Chennai to set up shop as opposed to Delhi or Mumbai, cities which are considered more unorthodox and bold when it comes to fashion, Kumar explains, “Many apparel manufacturing companies are based in the South. Furthermore, youth here are aware of brand names. Clothes are like food; if you have access to the best and you can afford it, there is no stopping you.” This outlook resulted in Anteedote and it looks like the gamble has paid off, with the response being overwhelming in the last month.

Wall of fun

Apart from the general ambience and the friendly staff, there are three things about Anteedote that instantly strike you as different.

First and foremost, their logo is not merely doodles put together but consists of blue sunglasses (the ‘cool' factor), an wacky orange smile, a green musical note, a red heart and a yellow sun! That one logo represents everything that Anteedote stands for! As you enter the store, you will find yourself at a doorway with different coloured fabrics in various cubbyholes. This is what they call the ‘Colour Wall' where customers can pick out the colour they want after which the staff will tell them which styles and cuts that particular colour is available in.

Finally, there is the ‘Attitude Wall', a collage of all the words and phrases that sum up the attitude of GenX. With words like ‘Botox is out. Beauty is in.', it gives Anteedote a cool, trendy look.

Everything is new about Anteedote. With international quality at Indian prices (ranging from Rs. 399 to Rs. 999) and tags on all apparel that cry “Hey, I Love You!” followed by a plea for good wash care, Anteedote definitely qualifies as the ideal stop for everything from college wear to party dresses. Thanks to the store layout, their eye-catching designs and ever-smiling staff,

Anteedote does just what its tagline says: “spread a little sunshine”.

Anteedote is located at 32/59, Burkit Road, T.Nagar. Do check out:

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