Kaya offers total skincare solutions for those with the time and the inclination

Beauty is serious business for the people at Kaya. The place has fresh flowers floating in pretty, antique vessels.

You are given a questionnaire first that asks you many questions about your daily skin care regime, which you have to answer diligently and put your signature at the end.

With the first step accomplished I am ushered into the photo room.

I sit there with my face fitted into a machine that will scan the “quality” of my skin. It reminds me of an x-ray room. Once the image is taken, the machine will give the result of my skin — its texture, percentage of wrinkles, bacteria on face etc.

I know the results even before they are out, and my guess is right, my skin is absolutely imperfect! Now I have my report and am sent into another room where I meet the skin specialist. “Based on this report we will provide you with the treatment,” says Dr. Satish V.K. “The good news is that your skin is not damaged much by UV rays. But there is bacteria on your skin and your wrinkle percentage is high.”

Photo facial

As I listen to him, I try and pull my cheeks to see if it feels flabby. As I am sitting there, my mind does a fast forward and it is at the market surveying anti-ageing creams and I curse myself for not taking my skin seriously.

“So I am going to prescribe the everyday radiance for you,” says the doctor. “We will start with the derma-abration, which is polishing your skin and removal of dead skins, followed by the photo facial, a laser therapy to tighten your skin and end with a fruit face mask.”

Now I am ushered into another room. I lie down and the trained staff sits at my head and start the machine that polishes my face. I feel like a floor that is being waxed as the machine growls away. After 20 minutes of this, I am shifted for laser therapy. The room is dark, I am given dark glasses, my eyes are covered with damp cotton and the therapy starts. I request this to be halted; I just think I love my face with all its imperfections. The doctor is called in, but fails to convince me. Finally they give in and proceed to the face mask procedure, which is peeled off when dry. Must say that those 10 minutes with the face mask felt like eternity. This type of skin care needs a lot of time, energy and capital.

Kaya may be the answer to those who are really careful about their skin and whose world goes topsy-turvy when they see a small red spot erupting on their chin. But certainly not for impatient ones like me.Kaya is open seven days a week and log on to www.kayaclinic.com, here the skin is the world.

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