Give your wardrobe a complete make-over to say hello to this new season!

Temperature rising

The nip in the air has suddenly vanished, those stoles have come undone and the leg warmers suddenly feel too tight; summer has arrived! And with it a brand new trend of what we girls love best; summer fashion! It's that time of the year again; of hot shorts and tube tops, teeny skirts and bright nails, bikinis, short bobs and showing off that belly button ring.

Summer is the time to strip; literally! With the rays beating down on us, we have that legitimate excuse to bring out those shorts we love to parade in and all those itsy-bitsy skirts that bite the dust rest of the year; the epilator must become your seasonal best friend, if you're gonna show off, make sure to do it in style!

Boy Zone

Winter, monsoon, autumn or spring the basic look of a guy remains pretty much the same; boys, wake up! You need to adjust your bird's eye view of fashion as the season changes. Switch to a more casual look with the advent of the anticipated heat; cool off in bermuda shorts, gunjis or 3/4th combat prints. If your office requires a formal look slip into light material trousers and collared tees. Caps make a comeback only in the summer; your usual ball caps, berets, fedoras, ivy caps all look sultry and are ideal to go with the heat, beanies are a total no-no in this weather. The trick is to keep your look neutral and throw in one dash of colour be it your watch, belt or even your Blackberry cover.

Come Undone

With the temperature rising to the maximum, do away with all your winter brights and pick up some soothing pastels like baby pink, powder blue, lime green and of course the whole shade card of white. Most importantly stick to heat friendly fabrics like cotton and linen only. Pedal pushers are a summer rage; low waist, baggy, knee length shorts these are super comfy and go well with almost anything; get them in different colours. Your salon trips should become more frequent now so you can flaunt your body right in all those strappies, halters and racer backs; get a nice tattoo (temporary) to go with that summer look, make sure to throw on a sheer shrug before stepping out into the sun though.


There is little motivation to don those accessories in this sweltering heat, that's why concentrate on hair and nails to glamorise your appearance. Now is the time to chop those locks into that uber-cool bob you always had your eye on (comfy yet stylish), its time for the fringe to move out. Play with hair colour to go wild with some pinks, reds and even purples! Pedicures and manicures are a must throughout the year but in this heat, constantly exposed to the sun it's a sin to miss even one! Do up your nails in some spunky designs, the non-creative ones try your local nail spas for some ideas. Dress up your feet in cheery chaps, open toed stilettos or easy platforms.

Scent of a Woman

Perfumes and body sprays are a compulsion when those summer waves come by; and it's best to always keep one stashed in your bag. Musky fragrances that we use over the year must change to cool fruity/citrus scents; smelling great is your shortcut to feeling refreshed in the heat. High-oil moisturisers should give way lacto to calamine, face creams and aloe vera gel; it's important to take care of the whole body in the heat. Try not to use too much make-up (activates acne and rash); stick to a natural powdered foundation, a brush of kajaal and a dab of a nude gloss accompanied by oodles of SPF and you're set.

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