Onyx Black, Frost White, Posh Pink, Royal Blue or Sable Brown. No! I was not selecting a bottle of nail varnish, I was selecting a mini notebook computer in the Dubai airport.

Weighing less than three pounds, these super practical mini notebook computers can be just shoved into your handbag, and carried around everywhere.

Sleek, they are ideal for just about anybody to own, as the prices too are surprisingly affordable. They are available in In dia too, and come with all the features one requires.

Previous models were heavy and cumbersome to carry. They needed a separate bag, in which you carried all the extra paraphernalia along. These mini notebooks go comfortably into normal-sized handbags. “I prefer these mini notebook computers as they are slim, extra light and super easy to carry when travelling,” says Anna da Costa, an intern web journalist in New Delhi.

“Where could you buy a computer for $399 before? My previous laptop cost $1,000 which was a lot of money. Since I travel a lot, this is the best way to keep in touch with my family as all airports and most offices and cafes are WiFi-enabled today.”

Says Dinesh Katru, an engineer based in Melbourne: “At all airports, it’s mandatory to take the laptop out besides your shoes, coat and belt. Nothing like this mini notebook to take the stress out of security checks.” “The only difficulty I had was that the keyboard needs some getting used to,” says Anjana Shreshta, a business executive from Nepal. “If you have thick fingers, the tips slip onto two keys sometimes. And, I found the letters on the keys are black instead of white making them difficult to read,” she grumbles.

Fun features

“I promised my daughter a laptop if she fared well in her exams,” says Richard Hames. “It’s affordable, and gets her off mine! Today children need computers to handle their class assignments and presentations. This mini notebook with a 10.1-inch screen, weighing 2.5 lbs is the ideal incentive for her. They are small but come with a lot of fun features.”

Computers have become extensions of most of our arms, and laptops far more convenient to use than PCs. Notebooks are small, ultra-portable and designed to keep you connected in this networked world.

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