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Updated: June 6, 2014 19:39 IST

Sheer leaves something for the imagination

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Sheer has been featured all around the globe in various S/S 14 collections. Photo courtesy: DMING
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Sheer has been featured all around the globe in various S/S 14 collections. Photo courtesy: DMING

Sheer tops and gowns are dominating the trend — though you need not go the Rihanna way

Anybody who doesn’t know what the sheer trend is all about, take a look at the outfit Rihanna wore to the CFDA Awards. Well, although her look was a bit over the top, sheer can also sophisticated and elegant. And that’s the way we like it. Trickling in swiftly into the Indian mindsets and wardrobes, this trend is all set to rule this season.

Now would be a good time to stop pairing your crepes and chiffon tops with camisoles. The sheer trend gives you an opportunity to celebrate your bodies. “Sheer represents feminity. The best thing is that it can be translated into a lot of different forms and worn in a lot of different ways,” says designer Amit Aggarwal.

A trend which started with Jane Birkin’s bare-black dress in 1969, sheer has been featured all around the globe in various S/S 14 collections. On the runway and off it, sheer is one trend that you’ll see everywhere. “I have used net in my S/S collection as it gives a softer edge and sophistication to my garments. It also solves the visual clutter and gives a clear vision on an outfit,” says Rubu Diming, of DMING, an upcoming brand that has significantly featured sheer in their present collections.

Be it organza, chiffon or just a layer of translucent silk, if worn aesthetically, can transform you into a head-turner in no time. If you are afraid that sheer might be a bit much for you, we have a solution right here.

You don’t necessarily need to wear a dress that is completely sheer. Pairing panels of sheer fabric with opaque material will do the trick for you. It is best paired with heavier fabrics such as suede, leather or velvet. This reveal-conceal drama is what makes sheer even more attractive. After all, it is mystery that makes this look so appealing. “It looks better if you create an interesting contrast with it. It can be best worn with structured garments, like an architectural long jacket with a sheer skirt or a heavier fabric and sheer combined in a garment,” says designer Amit.

Sheer also complements ethnic attires. Layers of embellished sheer fabrics can make any ethnic garment look luxurious. Whether it is draped in the form of beautiful sari or used with heavier fabrics on the blouses and lehengas, sheer has been a hit. On the runways, designers from Sabyasachi to Ellie Saab have all used sheer elements in their bridal couture this season.

While sheer reveals, it also conceals , and artfully so. A thin layer of this fabric, worn as a tunic or a shirt can be the best way to wear your crop tops without really baring your mid-riff.

For the bold and wild, sheer tops or dresses can be paired with nude lingerie or a fabulous bandeau bra. You can go a step ahead and layer your richly coloured dress with a thin transparent jacket of the same hue or a lighter one. The whole idea of layering is what makes sheer so special. You can wear something under it and you can wear something over it,” says designer Rahul Khanna of Cue. “Sheer creates an idea of illusion. Mixing up opaque with sheer, in shades of skin, black and white is what worked for us in our S/S-14 collection,” he adds.

So, you love the trend? Here is a list of do’s and don’ts required to carry off the trend

* When wearing sheer, always choose your lingerie with utmost precision. This should be the first rule on our list. We mean it ladies; your choice of lingerie can be a major factor in deciding if your look is hot or not.

* Mix textures and fabrics. Unless you want to go sheer all the way, we suggest you mix opaque and translucent fabric; it’ll make you look more chic and is certainly more practical.

* Play with silhouettes. Don’t restrict yourself to body hugging garments. If you are layering, go easy on colours. While the safest card will be pairing the same hues, combining prints with plain fabrics won’t hurt either.

* Take care that you don’t go overboard with prints. It’ll just end up creating an incomprehensible mess.

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