Fan boys and girls can choose from a long list of perfumes carrying the names of their favourite celebrities

We are quite used to seeing Rihanna frequent the entertainment news section for all the good and bad reasons. This time she was in the spotlight for her ‘sexually suggestive’ ad for her latest perfume Rogue. Right now, we’re more interested in her perfume than the raunchy ad.

It’s an age-old enterprising streak among celebs to cash in on their global fame and image by launching fashion and lifestyle merchandise under their name — clothes, accessories, shoes, bags , perfumes and cosmetics… For us it’s just a matter of credibility that comes with a product carrying their name and taking home a piece of our favourite celeb, albeit just their name in the tag.

This got us thinking about celebrities and their perfumes. We wondered what are some of the most popular celeb perfumes to be launched over the years?

In case you’re wondering too, read on…

Sophia by Sophia Loren: While many actors before her endorsed perfumes, 1981 was the year that saw a celebrity launch her own perfume, under the umbrella of global perfume company Coty. The iconic beauty’s perfume was floral, with dominant notes of jasmine and rose.

White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor: When we talk about all things nice and glossy, can the queen of bling and drama be far behind. Though White Diamonds was not her first perfume, it is her best. Even years after its launch in 1991, White Diamonds is still one of the top-selling perfumes. And who else but she can come up with this quote: “I think [perfume] is more than just an accessory for a woman. It’s part of her aura.”

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker: In a case of reel meets reel, Sarah Jessica Parker who played fashionista Carrie Bradshaw in the series Sex and the City, is one in real life too. So it is but no surprise that her classic-smelling perfume Lovely is seen as must-have for all aspiring fashionistas. This best-seller has a balanced mix of citrus, woody, floral and musk.

Diavolo by Antonio Banderas: If you thought that launching perfumes was solely a woman’s purview, you are wrong. Meet perfume pro Antonio Banderas who has been in the business for over a decade. His first perfume was Diavolo for Men, which his website describes as “A provocative sensual fragrance for a truly daring seduction.” (For best effect, read it in Spanish-accented English.) He has followed this up with several others like Mediterraneo, Spirit, Antonio and Blue Seduction.

Homme by David Beckham: And no, it’s aint just the actors who are launching perfumes. English footballer’s Homme is one of the best-selling celebrity perfumes. It has “wet citrus, spicy ginger and black pepper open the fragrance” and “finishes with deep patchouli and sueded musk.”

Heat by Beyonce: She’s hot and it’s but natural that her perfume is named Heat. Another best-seller this perfume plays on sensuality and feminity with floral top notes and almond macaroon, honeysuckle nectar and créme de musk heart notes.

S2 by Shilpa Shetty: Actually this leggy lass wasn’t the first Indian celebrity to have a perfume named after her. Senior diva Zeenat had that honour way back in the early 1990s. Then there was Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. But it was Shilpa’s global fame after winning the international reality show Big Brother that her perfume too got marketed with an international appeal.

There are many more in the list — perfumes of footballers’ WAGs (Butterflies by Coleen Rooney), business tycoons (Donald Trump The Fragrance), socialites (Paris Hilton), racers (Michael Schumacher) and even the Pope’s Cologne!! There’s one for every fan boy/girl out there, so take your pick!