Designer Mira Sagar has launched her own label, Vaya, which, she says, is distinctly her

Mira Sagar was the most public face of Rehwa Society of Maheshwar. Therefore when she moves out, it arouses curiosity. “There comes a time in every person’s life when they have to move on and do different things. And, after almost 20 years (with Rehwa Society), it was time for me,” says Mira, in a telephonic chat, from Mumbai.

Move on she did and she has launched her own label (Vaya by Mira Sagar) and two stores called Vaya in Mumbai. Besides the Maheshwari by her label, Vaya also stocks handlooms or hand-woven fabrics from diverse parts of India. It has been six months since she launched her label and the store, and she wants to take each day as it comes. Vaya, not coincidentally, means a weaver. Considering that Mira has worked with weavers throughout her career there is no other name that fits her label. Vaya makes saris, dupattas, stoles and fabrics.

There is a look for Rehwa fabrics “which is my look” as Mira says. The look has been so closely linked to Mira, that “I have been called Rehwa.” So therein lies, what some might consider, a problem. But not for Mira. She has to create a new look, one that is distinctly different from the Rehwa look, something which bears her signature. As part of the process of fashioning her signature, she has set up about 60 looms in Maheshwar who exclusively handle her work.

This is an entirely young and different set of weavers that she works with. “They are not connected with Rehwa Society in any way,” she clarifies. The new look that she wants to introduce through her brand of Maheshwari will be high-end with a richer look. She and her team are working with her weavers towards creating that look.

For the time being though she is focusing on Maheshwari, her store stocks handlooms and woven fabrics such as Kota, Kalamkari, Benarasi, Khadi etc. “There is a little bit of everything.” Although she is not looking, for the time being, at opening too many stores she wants to stock her designs in ‘like-minded’ stores. By this she means, “those who share our take on handlooms.”

Mira will be in the city next week at Tamanna (Panampilly Nagar) with Vaya. The sale is on from Aug. 9 – 11.