The 70’s look is back on campuses, with a modern twist

The boys call it wayfarer shades but their fathers refer to them as ‘Bhagyaraj kannadi’. The girls call it the all new puff hairstyle but their mothers will insist it is the ‘Vaanishree look’. Fitting kurta and leggings, vibrant accessories and hair pieces from the 70’s seem to be back with a bang on campuses, complete with a modern twist.

Leggings and fish-cut kurtas are popular among girls who go for pastel shades with abstract and floral motifs or bright monotone hues, popularly known as ‘jatang colours’. While the craze for faded jeans and Capri pants among boys seem to be fading away, conventional jeans and slim fit shirts are in style. Stoles are favoured by both sexes.

Sharply layered medium length hair which is easy to set loose, is fast catching on. Long gone are the bangs and ‘emo’ hairstyles, but puffed hair is a fad among girls now. “A frontal puff suits both modern and ethnic wear,” explains Asma, an engineering student. “It adds a stylish look to any face shape, though it poses a difficulty for curly hair.”

“Brides and bridesmaids have been asking for arched and rounded puffs, set with netted buns” says Bharathi, a freelance bridal hairstylist. In the case of boys, Kisho Riedesh, a freshman at college, feels, “Spikes and colouring have become outdated and not many new styles have taken over.” When it comes to make-up, smoky eyes, achieved by thickening the eyeliners and kajal, coupled with naked lips, coated in light shimmering gloss, leaves a simple yet smoldering look. “Rather than regular black eye liners, coloured ones are the craze, like those sported by Genelia in Urumi,” says Poornima Ravindran.

Fast moving accessories have three things in common- they are big, flashy and contrasting. Long metal chains adorned with unique pendants sell like hot cakes. Vial dollars with little tubes filled with perfume or herbs, are sought after, just like charm bracelets, hung with little trinkets. Boys have been flocking accessory outlets to buy studs with single stones, wooden beaded bracelets and choker neck pieces. “Boys are checking out stuff girls’ accessories while girls prefer flashy, typically boyish accessories,” observes Rehan, owner of 5th Avenue in Thillai Nagar. Big buckles for belts are still popular and wayfarer shades with brightly coloured frames are back in style.

“Flip flops and flats that come in fuchsia, hot pink and bright yellow, tacked with smileys and flowers are in, just like flashy nail polish,” says Sowmya Sree a college student. Chic handbags made of jute, cotton and multi coloured cloth bits have been replacing regular leather sling bags. Online shopping for accessories on sites like Nineteen, Fashion and You and Jabong, works well with college students as it is relatively easier to zero in on the desired item online than on the streets.