Orly gives men the shopping experience they deserve, for a change.

Shopping is fun for some, therapy for others. But when it comes to shopping for men, it's always difficult, considering that there are hardly any stores that cater exclusively to them.

So when you spot one like Orly that caters to just men, make sure to check it out right away.

Manasi Shah, budding entrepreneur and owner of Orly, talks about why niche-ness works.

The right move

Neatly stacked clothes, several rooms showcasing the many facets of India kurtas, sherwanis, accessories and shoes... all under one roof, Orly is all this and more.

An advertising student Manasi's tryst with destiny happened right after she did a course in Integrated Marketing Communication. “I'm a firm believer that marketing your product through the right channels and using the right tools are quintessential to the growth of a business.”

The one persistent question — why cater exclusively to men? — is what she is often asked. But Mansi has her answers. “There is so much choice for women. Men have little to choose from. I realised this when I was getting married; there was nothing like this in Chennai and I had to travel to shop for my family. Therefore a niche store for men in Chennai was the most apt thing to get into,” she adds.

She knew right from the beginning that it would work as finding ethnic clothes here has always been a problem. There are not too many stores that are also affordable and Mansi wanted Orly fir into that category.

“The collection is subtle yet dressy. It's a one-stop-shop for men's ethnic wear. Right from casual kurtas, short kurtas, mildly dressy kurtas to elegant wedding wear and formal wear, Orly's got it all,” she adds.


Orly is fairly new in the city and to break into an existing market and grab marketshare from players like Fab India, Manyavar, Lagaan may not be easy but Mansi feels that there is not much competition. “I have very different clothes from the other ethnic retailers in the market. The product is very different.”

At Orly you will find hand-embroidered, easy-to-maintain, subtle and classy clothes and this is, in fact, the Orly's USP setting it apart from the others.

Mansi's future plan are all set. “We get a couple of new patterns every week. Apart from that, we will have seasonal collections. This summer we are looking at launching a line of linen wear for men.”

With its niche advantage, Orly will give men the shopping experience they deserve, for a change.

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Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012

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