Neon and mismatched is the way to go now when it comes to footwear

“Put on your red shoes and dance the blues,” David Bowie once crooned in “Let’s Dance”. Red shoes were cool, that little act of rebellion that was doable without serious consequences. No wonder Dorothy had a ruby pair.

Now, shoe-wise, things have become even brighter — neon bright. Not fancy high-top sneakers but a more ladylike variety. That rule of shoes taking cue from the clothes no longer applies, and footwear is now a means of incorporating that small fun/ surprising/ shocking/ jarring element of colour (often deliberately mismatched) to an otherwise sober choice of apparel.

Designer Raf Simons, in yet another way, showed the way with his debut couture line for Christian Dior. Shocking pink pointed pumps vied with bright lips at the couture showing, a look that brand ambassador Marion Cotillard (always the interesting shoe champion) took a cue from for the London premiere of The Dark Knight Rises last month, where she went for head-to-toe Dior.

Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale have been making a string of glamorous joint appearance promoting Total Recall — which unfortunately, according to many, might be the only thing people might consider worth recalling about the film.

At the London premiere of the film at Leicester Square, Biel chose a frothy lace-and-feathers peplum outfit from Giambattista Valli, with orange shoes (Christian Louboutin) completing the look. While some in blogosphere called her a duck with orange webbed feet, a little cruelly so, we thought the shoes were a welcome touch of unpredictability.

This was three days after both Biel and Beckinsale went for blue shoes at a Total Recall rooftop photo-call in Berlin. (Beckinsale was in Louboutins too, pairing them with a simple Zac Posen day dress.)

Turning closer home, Sonam Kapoor recently slapped on some colour in the form of a coral Jimmy Choo pair, wearing them as she did with a monochrome Dolce & Gabbana pantsuit.