Here is a whole new range of style, shade and design predictions for 2013. NEETI SARKAR has the colourful list of modern aesthetics

One month of 2013 has already passed by and the fashion conscious are still taking down notes and working on refurbishing their wardrobes. Designers are already gearing up for the umpteen upcoming fashion weeks and here’s a ready reckoner telling you what’s in, what’s out, what’s hot and what’s not this year.

While men and women don’t usually share fashion statements, according to designer Sanchita Ajjampur, “The sportswear trend will make a statement again. For women, this includes monochrome styling, sports styling, easy-to-wear androgynous styles, body skimming garments, sporty tops, jackets, leggings that are spliced and pierced with contrasting panels of sports mesh in curvilinear shapes, with the neutrality of bright white against vivid colours.”

She adds: “Menswear will draw influence largely from winter sports, therefore, super-sized luxe sweatshirts, tracksuits, tailored coats in vivid colours, the pleat coats in shortened proportions, oversized coveralls and boiler suits, t-shirts with simple slogans and messages, will be a common sight.”

Other styles that will be a hit this year are the feminine boho trend which Sanchita says involves “mixing tailored jackets with maxi dresses, and printed blouses with flared jeans for the casual 1970s chic look, and some peek-a-boo glamour with the opulent Baroque and bare midriffs.”

It is imperative for women to also welcome the slouchy chic trend that calls for wearing crisp, white shirts in relaxed silhouettes.

Fashion trends are of cyclic nature. And making a strong comeback this year would be the modern uniform for men. From Army cargo trousers, tonal uniform shirt and tie, military shirt jackets, boxy t-shirts, all in light weight fabrics, camouflage prints, military shades of olive and khaki freshened up with cream, indigo, greys and bright yellow as a pop highlight, with minimal details, will be a popular trend. The preppy nautical is also making quite a fashionable statement.

Women this year will be seen taking to a colour palette that features vermilion orange and brilliant blue along with a renewed emphasis on varying shades of blues and greens, dusty pastels, with peach puree, meadow mist and eggnog, Coloured metallics will be popular too on clothes as well as on accessories.

In terms of cuts, silhouettes and styles that will dominate 2013, designer Deepika Govind states: “Ruffles will rule the roost. They are going to be the predominant trend, besides peplums, slim, cropped pants and raglan sleeves.

“There will be an abundance of ruffle pieces - interesting accents from one-shoulder dresses to ball gowns. Ruffle tops with layers of soft frills falling gently from the neckline, ruffle skirts creating an unusual silhouette, oversized ruffles form cascading sleeves in knee-length dresses, an emphatic boat neck created with an outsized horizontal ruffle, are some of the many forms in which ruffles will be seen in 2013.”

She adds: “The peplum fights on with a sharper structured elegance as opposed to the flouncy, flirty styles of the past year. We will see peplums in mostly heavier fabrics like wool and jacquard.”

Of prêt wear, Sanchita says, “Softer waisted shapes and trapeze lines, relaxed silhouettes, cropped trousers, dresses and tops with soft gathers creating a gentle fullness and a more structured fluted shape, created through crisp fabrics or deep pleats will be in the stores.”

As far as Indian wear for women goes, “The preferred palette for saris is pastels. Funky saris bearing modern prints have struck a chord with many, even with old school diehards who now seek to experiment,” Deepika observes.

Prints are big. Says Deepika: “Pop prints, graphic prints and conversational prints are the new aesthetic. Bold, striking, colourful, they’ve caught the imagination of fashion. Graphic prints abound, from stylised pixel patterns and disrupted geometrics; they are graphic interpretations of traditional textile weave, finding their way into playful contemporary womenswear.

She adds: “There are oversized print proportions and a play of prints with panelling and border designs, with diffused patterns and sombre mixes. Print colours are bright like sunflower, orange peel and hot pink, as well as cobalt blue. Geometric prints are also used with contrasting textures for a raw-versus-luxe aesthetic. Linear patterns, graphic and wood grain textures are used for this effect.”

Two major fads we will be bidding adieu to would be the retro collegiate logos and skull motifs. Where accessories are concerned, designer Rachana Reddy states: “Acrylic/Perspex/see through jewellery and clutches are trending. Document/envelope clutches that fit one’s iPad/laptop/essentials, in blocked colours, are also popular. Big cuff bracelets will steal the show this year. Perfectly matching accessories is a strict no-no. The accessories style mantra for 2013 is anything bold or bright.”