While the Games were all about sporting excellence, there were some dramatic style statements as well.

The flame in the cauldron has been extinguished, the athletes have done the victory march, the flag has been folded and the handover between host cities has taken place. While most of us focused on who ran the fastest, jumped the highest and threw the strongest punches, some of us were busy taking notes on the hottest beauty and fashion trends at London 2012.

Despite strict dress codes, this year’s Olympians showed off their style. While the athletes and spectators of the host country were dressed in union flag themed-outfits, style at the Olympics went beyond just that.

Olympic nail art was the theme this time around. The swimmers outdid everyone else in terms of their team spirit manifested in their flag themed manicures and pedicures. Swim Queen Rebecca Adlington of Great Britain stole the show with her nails and then of course with her bronze medal!

Hair wise, USA was the clear winner. Tennis star Venus Williams’ red and blue highlights matched with her blue eye shadow at the women's singles tournament brought in that glam quotient on court. Country mate, Sanya Richards-Ross’s signature braided hairdo was as much a hit as her speed on the field. USA’s beach volleyball duo of Jennifer Kessy who sported a triple-banded colourful ponytail and April Ross who tied her hair in a high ponytail braid, looked smashing in their match against Argentina.

Mention must be made of Great Britain’s soccer team’s headbands, especially of Rachel Brown who wore it best. Gymnastics involves the use of hair clips, scrunchies, hair bands and the like and if anyone showed how stylish the sport can be, it was Great Britain’s Hannah Whelan with her pretty jewel-toned ponytail holder.

Australia’s Synchronised Swimming duet looked outstanding in their sunburst swimsuits and matching blazing headpieces. Their hair that was drawn into a bun was what caught our attention.

If there was a medal for someone with the best hair colour, Russian triple jumper Tatyana Lebedeva may have just won it. There are of course those who didn’t like the flaming orange hair trend.

When in the ring or on the mat, a fringe cannot come in the way of success and Japanese Judo champ Kaori Matsumoto’s bob with side-swept soft bangs made her look ravishing.

In terms of makeup, the Gymnastics team of USA won the appreciation of fashionistas for their purple leotards with matching eye shadow. Polish gymnast Marta Pihan-Kulesza’s glitter art also got her many new fans.

Who would imagine a game of basketball could call for chic players who wear flamboyant shades of lipstick?

But French basketball player, Emilie Gomis, chose a flaming red lipstick to match her burgundy nails and she did look fabulous.

Skin art is in and while ring-themed tattoos were rather common at London 2012, American archer Khatuna Lorig’s tattoo looked uber sexy on her well-toned arm.

They came, they saw, they conquered. London 2012 not only crowned the best sports stars but also showed the world that style and sports are but two sides of the same coin.


Sight to behold!September 21, 2012