From flowing and feminine to structured and edgy, Chennai’s design ace Rehane hits two different fashion paths this season. “They are a contrast in design and aesthetic. But contrasts make life interesting,” smiles the designer, before her departure for the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

“Showing at two pageants isn’t easy because the lines have to be distinct. There is a lot me in both the collections. But the lines are a contrast in terms of colours and moods,” says the designer, who will unveil her line “Looks Like Love” at LFW today. Soon to follow is “Moody Blues” at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in October.

Talk about inspiration, and Rehane, who sees “no dearth of it”, says: “This time around, the characters in my all-time favourite book, Dostoevsky’s ‘The Brothers Karamazov’ spurred me. Katerina is a proud and supposedly gracious woman, while Grushenka has an uncanny charm over the Karamazov brothers. So while ‘Looks Like Love’ is relaxed, elegant and feminine, ‘Moody Blues’ is dynamic and edgy.”

Soft shapes articulated with couture detailing gives “Looks Like Love” its romantic edge. Delicate laser cut-work on pretty pink organza gives the line a light, breezy feel. “It’s a love-centric collection. It’s about vulnerability. So, I’ve given it a fragile touch. I’m showing some short dresses, gowns that stop at the ankle and separates. Being a Spring-Summer line, I used lots of organza because it is light and doesn’t stick to the body. The high point of the line is the fabric. I’ve dyed and done experiments with it before constructing them into garments,” she says displaying a blush-on pink single-sleeve dress that’s designed like a sari.

Moving away from the sweet and soft feel of “Looks Like Love”, Rehane conjures up the severe “Moody Blues” in dark tones for WLIFW. “I guess, by the time I was through with ‘Looks Like Love’, I was out of love with love,” she chuckles. “There arezardosi lizard motifs in the line! It’ll make a good fashion moment.”

In between flitting from one fashion week to the other, Rehane will design for music wizard A.R. Rahman’s new photo shoot. “I’m also doing Sonam Kapoor’s clothes for her upcoming film ‘Ayesha’,” she informs.

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