A first-time exhibition from Mantra reveals a host of pleasant surprises

A big yellow wall with a tree painted on it beams at you as you enter Mantra. It is a jewel of a boutique on R.S. Puram. Framed Kalamkari motifs, a tapestry made up of beautiful fabric, a glimpse of shelves filled with delicate textiles, you are enveloped by colour. Women move around holding colourful garments in their arms. Other women sit, heads bent, sewing on tags to clothes. We pick our way through linen, silks, cottons and nets to the office room. And even there, despite the mandatory computer on the table and official desk and chairs, there are two saris that distract you constantly.

It is the office of Sathya Karthi. She confesses she is a bundle of excitement, nerves and apprehension. “It is my first-ever exhibition,” she says. Though she has been around for three years, it is only now that she is launching her own brand that she calls VV. What’s more, Sayantan Sarkar’s designer wear will also be up for sale. “He is a close friend and classmate of Sabyasachi in NIFT. I am a big fan of Sabyasachi and Sayantan’s work reminds me of him,” she says.

The three-day exhibition will showcase Sayantan’s sarees, anarkalis, tunics and casual salwar kameez. Sathya’s VV collection includes mix-and-match salwar kameez sets and saris in dazzling shades and designs. If you want, you can, right there, do your own mixing and matching and Sathya and her team will help you with your choice. Whatever fabric you pick, they will tailor it to your measurement and requirements.

One big room at the boutique is reserved for trousseaus. Comfortable seating, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and stacks of fabric tumbling every where… it is quite wonderful. Mantra’s speciality is customising trousseaus and they also make clothes for the groom and kids.

Every piece from Mantra is designed based on client’s preference and the fabric and the design is chosen to highlight specific features and then created, keeping budgets in mind, says Sathya. “Traditional karigars and tailors are on call to make every garment an exclusive one,” she adds.

Venue: Mantra, 66 Venkataswamy Road West, R.S. Puram

Date: Till October 5