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It is a petroleum-based styling agent used to control and smoothen unruly hair which can be too thin, too thick or too curly. But excessive use of wax can cause loss of hair and scalp infection since it cannot be washed off easily.

How to apply: Rub wax between your hands until it is warm. Apply quickly and evenly to dry hair. Wax should be avoided on fine, thin and straight hair and are ideal for short styles with texture.

Muds, fibres, creams

These are heavy, thick products and are used for maximum control mostly for curls and spikes. How to apply: Rub it between your hands until warm. Apply quickly and evenly only to the area where maximum control is desired.


Texturing your hair will make you look trendy and allows you to experiment. Texture is added to the hair by cutting the ends unevenly using a shear point technique or with a razor or with thinning shears. The right use of highlights will also give your hair lots more texture.

Trendy cuts

Bowl cut

Imagine a bowl is placed upside down over your head and hair is trimmed at the edges. That's a bowl cut for you. This is something you can do at home, but do not try it unless you are deft with scissors. This is the best for straight and silky hair, is easily manageable and looks hip.

Faux Hawk

It's a tapered haircut in which the hair is styled into a point at the centre. Gel is used to give it a spiky look at the top of your head and is ideal for an evening out. If a more conservative look is desired, then flatten the spikes sideways.

Layer cut

For this kind of cut, hair is cut in uniform ‘layers' all over the head with the help of shears. This is very versatile as you can elongate or shorten the length. It will give body to straight and thin hair as well as a trendy look to thick hair.


Here the hair is long and brushed totally back and bunched up by applying pomade very efficiently. This is the ‘Elvis Presley look' and makes one look very suave.


It is a long layer cut that is done using a razor to give the hair a wild and shaggy appearance. You can maintain this style easily as all it takes is a shake of the head and at times a bit of styling product too.


They are a form of channelling where lines are created in the hair using an electric trimmer (using the edge of the blade against the scalp). You will have bald lines between your hair.

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