A light therapy facial provides therapeutic benefits

YLG salons are cropping up across the city with over 20 branches. YLG, which stands for You Look Great was started in 2008 by Rahul Bhalchandra. At their invitation, off we go to the Cunningham Road outlet at Hatworks Boulevard. Housed in one portion of an old bungalow, the interiors are beautiful. While the salon retains the old-world-charm of a bungalow, it has a lavish and a pretty display of beauty products from across the world, stylishly displayed. The cleanliness about the place strikes you. From the floor to the ceiling, the combs, hair brush and the sheets – they are all spic and span.

The staff is also well-groomed. First up is a questionnaire on your beauty regimen. After this the YLG skin expert takes over. She takes a close look at my face, touches it and decides that I need the ELT (European Light Therapy) Lava facial, which is priced at Rs. 2,000.

Light therapy facials involve a “new technology where light energy is applied to the skin to provide therapeutic benefits, accelerating the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, as well as stimulating the production of collagen,” says Rahul.

So my spa begins with an application of a deep cleanser followed by the ‘skin scrubber light probe’. Here the blue light is passed across the face. “It helps fight acne causing bacteria and also helps in removal of black heads while maintaining the PH balance of the skin,” says the skin expert as she works.

The facial is painless and the massage literally puts you to sleep. She massages the face, shoulders and ears. After this a face mask is applied and just as you think its over, the staff announce these is a complimentary palm and back massage. So while my pack on the face is drying its time for my palms and the back to get pampered.

YLG Salon & Spa offers a range of other signature facials involving ELT for various skin types and skin problems like Pollution Fighter Facial, Skin Radiance, Pure Gold, Pigmentation Treatment and so on.

“Each of the treatments under European Light Therapy Facials is tested by cosmetic dermatologists,” assures the CEO, who started YLG out of “sheer passion”.

YLG, on Cunningham Road can be contacted on 40977030 and for details about the other centres visit http://www.ylgindia.com/.