There is no need to be tied up in knots over what to wear tonight

With New Year’s Eve and its umpteen parties, putting together the perfect outfit can be quite cumbersome. And it isn’t only the ladies who are worrying about what to wear or are scurrying from pillar to post looking for something beyond the LBD. While men do have it easier—they can just throw on a dinner jacket or a tux, they have their fashion woes. December is Necktie Month, we help you decide on the perfect tie to complement your suit.

Given that it is winter, dark shades are your safest bet. While black is always elegant, how about opting for navy blue or deep purple instead? According to designers, you can’t go wrong with red or orange either.

For the slightly more experimental, stylist Mihir Gulati suggests, “Go in for nautical-inspired ties this winter. Whether it’s a combination of navy blue red and white or it has an anchor motif embroidered on it, it’s perfect for an evening out. Also, the combination of navy blue and silver works beautifully.”

Plaid ties are grabbing eyeballs and horizontal stripes on neckties are the latest in the world of men’s fashion. “Plaid ties are versatile and can be worn to an office party or even to a night club that calls for a formal dress code. You could also mix bold flannel shirts with plaid ties and vice versa,” says Anuj John, a city based costume designer.

Gone are the days of broad ties. With slim fit suits making a statement this year, skinny ties are in. “Ensure that they’re not wider that 2 or 2.5 inches and choose a colour and pattern that not just goes well with your suit but also with your personality. What usually happens on NYE is that people like to play it safe. I would much rather think out of the box, move out of my comfort zone which are thin diagonal stripes and maybe opt for a quirky printed silk tie instead,” opines freelance designer Ashutosh S.G.

From polka dots, paisleys, florals and fairy twirls, today’s man is sporting ties that have never been spotted before. Then of course, with superheroes from the Avengers and Harry Potter to cartoon characters such as Homer Simpson and Tom & Jerry, men aren’t shying away from flaunting pop art on items of clothing. However, a word of caution here, “Ties like these are better suited for semi-casual dos,” Mihir says.