Bangalore-based Paresh Lamba talks of the highpoints of showing at the Fashion and Me event in Dubai

Classic, great cuts and well-thought out designs — Paresh Lamba’s creations have a trademark style. The Bangalore-based designer has carved a niche for himself in men’s fashion wear over the last few years and has dressed stylish men, including politicians and filmstars. He is the first designer from Bangalore who was invited by Dubai’s Fashion and Me, where his Sartorial Collezioni was displayed at the World Trade Center in Dubai, last weekend.

This collection was designed “keeping in mind the celebratory mode” of Paresh’s long career in the fashion world. The collection is an embodiment of style, sophistication and masculinity. Being selected to display his collection didn’t come as a surprise to Paresh.

“They have wanted me to showcase my creations for a long time now,” says Paresh. He has quite a few clients in Dubai, but with this fashion show he reached out to a wider audience. His creations were showcased to attendees in the royal family, industrialists and socialites. Paresh’s primary focus was on showcasing the strong points of Indian men’s fashion. “With this show, I hope to have a stronger presence in the Dubai market.” About 24 garments from Paresh’s Satorial Collezioni were showcased. The collection included Paresh’s Autumn-Winter Collection of 2012 as well as his Spring-Summer Collection of 2013. It had a range of Evening Wear, Club wear, Beach and Lounge Wear, but predominantly showcased was the bride-groom collection.

“I wanted to target the NRI community and to cater to wedding and occasion markets.” The sherwanis in exquisite embroidery on paisley were a huge draw. As was the uber-cool reception wear. “The clothes designed for this category can be worn for other occasions. There were funky jodhpurs, bandghalas and smart kurtas and pyjamas.”

Paresh’s Evening, Cluband Lounge Wear included striking silhouettes, a combination of interesting colours and designs that had an understated, yet unique style.

The highpoint of the show was the show stopper, former Miss World Asia and Oceania Parvathy Omanakuttan. “Yes, I design exclusively for men, but for this show I also designed Parvathy’s outfit.” Paresh concludes.