Indulge your horsy side with Rina Shah’s new Rinaldi Polo collection

Hold your horses. Or actually don’t. Rina Shah’s new collection of accessories titled Rinaldi Polo allows you to let your horsy side rein over—literally.

Large bags made of vintage scarves have a number of horses gambolling all over them, while silver cuff links have profiles of rather staid horses inscribed on them. A delicate silver-linked charm bracelet has several riding-related medallions dangling from it — a top hat, a boot, a saddle. Men on horseback play a daring game of polo on a crimson silk tie while several leather belts have dispensed with conventional buckles and sport intricately carved horse heads instead.

There are other bags made of leather and bright quilted silk that have beaded images of horses embroidered on them.

Showcased at the Equine Art Gallery in Bangalore, the collection will make any horse-lover simply neigh in delight. The designer, a polo player herself, explains the genesis of the collection.

“I love horses and have always wanted to ride. Last polo season, I had gone to watch a game with some friends and fell in love with the sport. Since then, I have been pursuing it passionately,” she says.

This collection is a reflection of her love for the sport.

“I want my collection to reflect the fun and style around Polo, so I thought it would be great to do a line that comes from the heart,” she adds.

With more and more people being aware of equestrian activities like horse-riding and polo, Rina believes that there is a tremendous appeal for the sport which in turn will generate demand for her accessories. “I’d love to dress the players and am sure with this collection that will happen for sure. Polo is slowly but surely becoming a lifestyle statement in Bangalore too,” she says adding that this is certainly a very niche collection. Prices range from between Rs. 2,000 to around Rs. 15,000 depending on the product. “There is something for everyone though,” she says.

The exhibition is on at the Equine Art Gallery, Indirangar, till June 1. Contact 64541819.