Fashion From jazzing up casual tank tops and putting Manolo Blahnik on the map, to familiarising viewers with the best labels, Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City continues to be an inspiration. The show celebrated its 15th anniversary recently

The nameplate necklace

The necklace Carrie bought for a few bucks at a fair while shopping with her BFFs, became more than costume jewellery. Symbolic of her NYC lifestyle, Carrie inspired the monogrammed jewellery trend around the world.

The crazy shoe collection

Carrie will always be remembered for her shoe fetish. In one episode, she says she might “literally be the woman who lived in her shoe”. Remarkable shoe moments include an incident when she is mugged near West Broadway and the bandit makes off with her Fendi Baguette clutch and Manolo Blahnik pink suede strappy sandals. She asks for reimbursement from a friend after her Manolos are stolen thanks to the friend’s no-shoes-inside-the-house policy. And remember how devastated she was when Miranda’s water broke over her pink ruffled heel Louboutins?

Flower decals

From strutting down the sidewalk in a brilliant one-shoulder white cocktail dress featuring an oversized flower decal to wearing a flower brooch on an LBD, Carrie truly brought flowers to life.

The tutu

The tutu is synonymous with Carrie. She sports one in the opening credits and the tutu made a comeback in the first film when Carrie did a closet clean out with her friends, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, before she moved in with Mr. Big. The girls’ undisputed vote? A must-keep!

The Vivienne Westwood wedding gown

It didn’t come as a surprise that Carrie was chosen by her editor to be featured in Vogue, just before she was to tie the knot, in bridal couture. From Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta to Christian Dior and Carolina Herrera, every gown sat pretty on Carrie but the stunning Vivienne Westwood one was what carried her and all of us away.

The news print dress

Our protagonist first wore this dress to apologise to Natasha for her affair with Mr. Big. The dress, being a winner, made a reprise in the movie too.

The Parisian look

Remember Carrie in Paris wearing a Sonia Rykiel classic Parisian knitwear design in Season 6? The dress would have been totally out of place in NYC but trust Miss Bradshaw to know when to wear what. What made this dress work was that she was in the city of love with her love, wearing an outfit that was soft and romantic, with an interpretation of her signature flower.

The Versace gown

Carrie wore this many acres of tulle and chiffon in a dark yet romantic hue while waiting (endlessly) for boyfriend Petrovsky on her first night in Paris, towards the end of season 6. There’s nothing more tragic than seeing a beautiful woman all dolled up with nowhere to go, and that just added to the aesthetics of the scene.


Carrie sure stole the bride’s thunder when she walked in with Miranda in a body hugging beige gown that revealed her toned legs. Much earlier we also saw her in the naked dress that she wore on her first date with Mr. Big.

Coats and blazers

Whether it was her penchant for fur or her love for floral overcoats, only Carrie could get away with pairing a Mickey Mouse tee with a crisp white blazer!

Androgynous dressing

Carrie is best known for her versatile sense of dressing. One minute she’s wearing a vintage dress and before you know it she’s dressed in a newsboy cap even when she wore a playsuit! Her Ralph Lauren suit and pink button-down that she wore in the first movie won her much praise.


A genius when it came to accessorising, Carrie wore a plain white tank top with one of her signature oversized flower pins and a beautiful printed Dior saddlebag. It was shortly after this that floral print bags became a rage the world over. Her feathered handbag was another interesting design element. She also carried a chic Eifel Tower handbag in the first movie. Considering Season 6 ended in Paris, it looked like Carrie couldn’t leave the beautiful city and head to Manhattan without bringing something that represented her time there.

Black diamond ring

Towards the end of the second movie, Mr. Big gifts Carrie a 5 ct. black diamond ring “because she’s not like anyone else.” In trademark Carrie Bradshaw style, the black stone influenced the rising popularity of non-traditional engagement rings.


Carrie Bradshaw didn’t just advocate wearing sky high heels. She also always got her boots on right. Be it the calf length pair she wore with her fur coat on a shopping trip or the over the knee boots she wore on a date with Petrovsky, kudos to her for giving boots a beautiful makeover.


Known to make even an average dress look good on her, Carrie’s use of belts cannot go unnoticed. Whether it was the mix of a feminine dress and heavy metal belt, or the punk belt with the pink shift dress she wore in the first movie, she never got it wrong!