When you want to look fab, make sure it's overall...

Fashion is an art — teaming combinations requires a creative insight and so does picking things up that suit your body type, skin colour or personality a trait — but it's not always inbuilt. Fashion magazines, fashion channels and stylists can help only that much. Some people are fortunate to be born with a style sixth sense; while others struggle to keep up. Here are some universal head to toe pointers, which you can never go wrong with.


Contrary to popular belief, most men and women check each other out head down, so make sure your upper half is looking its best. A good haircut and a neat one, even if not the trendiest, is the start. Shimmering highlights or extensions is optional. Just leaving your hair open doesn't work any more; try various things with your strands. The long-haired can experiment with a classy high chignon bun for formal affairs and two braids for the casual girly look. Those with short hair can work with colourful tic-tac clips or a high ponytail. Remember, sporting shorter hair always reflects a more youthful look.


Hats have made a comeback. Be it wide-brimmed brocade for the races, a fedora for a picnic, a beanie for those nippy evenings, or a cutsie straw for that hike, incorporate hats into your ensembles for a graceful look.

Neck deep

Your neck is a great rack for many tidbits; a long thin neck can carry off a bejewelled wide choker, a chic tie-scarf or a stole casually thrown over it. Those with a slightly bulkier neckline should keep it bare. Tie your hair up to give it a slimmer look. Any neck-piece should be dangling down. Mix-match maybe three thin long danglers to wear them together.


Most of us don't understand how to accessorise our arms, always leaving them bare in the process. Wear a swanky arm-bracelet for a glam look, or get multi-collared rubber bangles; about one dozen on each wrist — it looks super cool. For a minimalistic look get a solitaire bracelet (for the loaded) or a CZ one as a cheaper option. A tattoo along the length of your bicep spells ‘wow'!

Up front

Your tops play a vital role in your final look. Indian women are blessed with a heavy bust, something that the rest of the world goes under the scalpel for. But instead of using it to our advantage we are always trying to hide it. First, buy high quality bras in your correct shape and cup size. This makes all the difference. Show off your cleavage to break the view if you have a big chest, and invest in a padded bra if you're flat-chested. A good-fitted bra makes your tees fall better and instead of the boring black and beige fill your lingerie drawer with colours.


Belts now are a part of any dress, and you must have an assortment stocked in your closet. Black leather is a must (teams up with anything). Pick up a striking gold big-buckled one to wear over your jeans for a party, also a casual thin tassled one for college/movie. A white/blue high waist one blends perfectly with a frock or a tunic-leggings combo.

Ankled up

Ankles are perpetually ignored. Thin silver traditional anklets look scorching especially over chudidars or skirts. For the denim lovers, the rains will have you fold those jeans away anyway, so give these a try. Also please do away with those knee-length socks and replace them with ankle length ones with your sneakers/floaters.

The bottom-line

Most women pamper their faces, and ignore their feet completely. I, for one, always judge people on how well they tend to their soles. A monthly pedicure is a must, with at least a coat of natural nail paint, or preferably French if you can make time. Toe rings were originally meant to signify marriage, but are the coolest piece of jewellery these days. Pick these up from your street-store or borrow your grandma's antique one.

Basically it's essential not to let any part of your fabulous self wither away; it can make all the difference in creating your finale look.


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