Shield your face from the sun or makes heads turn with a trendy hat

Back in the day, it was perceived as a mark of distinction. However, today, the hat has evolved into a stylish timeless accessory in the wardrobes of commoners who don’t just save it for a bad hair day or to conceal a receding hairline.

Given that the temperature is soaring by the day, wearing a hat is the perfect way to shield your face from the sun. And if you’re wondering how to style this must-have summer accessory, on Straw Hat Day, here are some tips and tricks that you could do with.

According to stylist Anuradha Singh, “The bowler hat made famous by Charlie Chaplain suits both men and women alike. It’s got a quirky edge to it. You can wear them with wayfarer styled glasses for that geeky look.”

Summer vacations are usually spent by the sea so if you’re heading to places like Goa, Gokarna, or Kerala, make sure you don a vintage straw boater which instantly adds that nautical charm to your outfit. Also associated with seaside and tropical locales, the Panama hat is a wise choice as it is light-coloured, lightweight, and breathable. This hat of Ecuadorian origin goes well with linen or cotton clothing, loafers and aviators.

“For those who are sceptical about experimenting, the wide brim fedora is for you. Characteristically a lightweight hat, you don’t sweat much in it. Women can pair it with a floral sundress, a feminine top or even shorts, this summer. Men, don’t forget a fedora when worn with brogues and sunglasses, helps you make a bold statement. Its cousin, the trilby hat which has a narrower brim can be worn with cotton t-shirts, shorts and espadrilles,” suggests freelance designer, Niyati Manoj.

The best part about the straw hat trend is that men have just as many styles to choose from, if not more. Michael Anthony, a fashion blogger, says: “The pork-pie hat is one such accessory that adds classiness instantly to one’s getup. It looks best with tailored blazers, button down shirts, slim-fit chinos and boat shoes. The whole idea is to look effortlessly sophisticated.”

For women, straw hats are now high on embellishment. Floral detailing in silk or satin, bows and soft buckles are feminine and chic. Ribbons tied up in bows around the hat are still trending. The cowgirl hat in colours like fuchsia, plum and purple are also fashionable.

And if you’re worried that you won’t have any use for it when the summer days are gone, stylists tell us that hats are a year round trend. Finally, don’t forget to carry off your hat with poise!