A few lifestyle changes can improve hair condition

It’s not always the sun, chlorinated water, pollution or hair styling gadgets that cause problems to your hair; sometimes it’s also our lifestyle. Here are a few ways to protect and keep hair healthy.

If you’re an exercise freak, you’ll perspire heavily. The residue in perspiration can dry, entangle and break your hair. So, always shampoo your hair, right after exercise.

If you are dieting or consuming diet pills, you may lose hair due to hormonal imbalance, so take extra care to nourish your hair. Birth control pills too can cause hormonal imbalance, and affect hair. These pills often lead to increased hair growth (because they stimulate higher estrogen levels), but, sometimes, they can have quite the opposite effect.

High fever too can result in hair fall, and prolonged fever can diminish hair growth and cause severe damage, due to lack of nitrogen. When you have fever, make sure you get enough vitamins. Don’t brush your hair harshly; apply serum or other moisturisers.

Stress increases oil on the scalp, causing greasiness and dandruff. Stress also tightens the capillaries that feed the hair follicle. This cuts down oxygen and nutrients reaching the hair, leading to hair fall.

Shampoo daily with a mild shampoo. And, most importantly develop a positive attitude, and relax — yoga, exercise, dance. There are so many options that can do wonders to you!

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Rock Chic November 9, 2009

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