With selfies all the rage, the beauty business is booming in this delightfully shallow day and age

They’re beauticians and not magicians. Their comb may not be their wand. But there’s no denying that they possess the expertise to bring out the beauty in you. MetroPlus catches up with hair, beauty, and makeup experts in the city, who tell us the industry is booming and how!

According to makeup artist, Naina Ruhail, “Doors are always open for the talented. In a field like mine, you could either become a freelancer or start something of your own. And if you’re just starting out, there are innumerable opportunities to assist or work with someone already established in the industry.”

Aleena Mackar creative director at a salon says: “These days everyone wants to look good. Being in the beauty industry isn’t looked down upon. There are many institutions teaching hairdressing and makeup. Some of these academies even follow international syllabi.

For those looking to pursue a career in the field, the options are aplenty. Naina finds more takers for specialised training in hair cutting and bridal/party hairstyling as well as for fashion makeup.

Apart from salon services like haircuts, specialisation in spa therapies (body massages and body treatments) skin treatments (facials and grooming), and makeup is what youngsters are opting for today, according to Swati Gupta, an industry expert.

The new age hairdressers and stylists seem to be enjoying their jobs despite there being a fair share of challenges.

“One of the best things about working in this industry is that you get to interact with a lot of people while doing what you love,” says Naina. “It is such a good feeling when someone feels beautiful because of you. Like any job, it can be nerve-wracking sometimes to deal with their whims and fancies but honestly I can live with that.”

Swati says: “There are more positive outcomes in a business like this. If you work hard and with passion and make people feel beautiful, then you have left them with more than just that — you have given them reason to be positive, confident, and happy.”

“Ours is a glamorous field but none of this comes easy,” says Aleena. “The beauty industry like any other service industry requires a lot of physical work and long working hours. Most people end up doing a six day week.”