Archana Vijaya, one of the hosts of the IPL, bowls over viewers with her perfect frame and fashion sense

Like most of us, Archana Vijaya too is looking forward to the IPL this summer, more because she is back as its host. The stylish anchor, who was the winner of the first edition of Channel [V]’s Get Gorgeous, became a household name when she started frequenting the side-lines of cricket grounds as one of the hosts for IPL 4 and 5. Her effortless style, which, she confesses is the result of trials and errors, received with appreciation and flak. The anchor talks about her style quotient.

How did your current style come to be?

I like to keep my look simple and clutter-free — structured clothing and great fit is what I go for.

My style has evolved over the years. When I started off as a VJ for Channel [V], my style was quirky, especially because of my age and nature of job I could experiment with my make-up and hair. But it was while hosting IPL 4 I understood what I am comfortable in and not. The stylists I have worked with for the last 10 years have also evolved in terms of design sensibilities.

What are the features you like to highlight/ conceal when you dress?

I like sexy. I work out really hard and therefore like to wear clothes that complement my body. I especially love my shoulders – they are square and athletic. My stylists say I have an hour-glass figure so I like to wear dresses that complement my figure. Sometimes, when I have been travelling, I tend to put on a few kilos then I dress to camouflage the weight. Otherwise, I am very happy with my body.

Your favourite shopping destinations…

I used to love shopping in Mumbai but now it’s Delhi. There are three malls right next to each other, and there’s great variety. Besides, most designers are based in Delhi.

I travel a lot on work, so I do a lot of shopping overseas too — U.S., Dubai, London… But my favourite place has to be New York. It has the best of everything — high-end labels, high-street fashion, new designers, boutique shops… Besides, spending in dollars feels a lot better than spending in Euros or pounds!

Your style icons…

In India, it would be Kangana Ranaut. She has an easy elegance and experiments a lot with her hair and make-up. Internationally, I like Kate Moss. She is effortlessly chic and fashionable.

Having hosted two IPLs so far, do you have any memorable moments of being complimented by a cricketer?

At a party in cricketer Arun Lal’s house, Sachin Tendulkar complimented me saying I looked very nice. He even asked me, ‘How do you maintain your physique’. Mind you, he was extremely sweet and he only mentioned physique and not “figure”. I was swept off my feet!

A style moment you would like to forget…

I once landed at a party and realised I was wearing the same dress as my friend. Thankfully, it was a different colour. But this is a big fashion boo-boo!

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