Surabhi Kudrekallu’s hobby of making earrings has paid off big time

Creativity is the product of curiosity. And Surabhi Kudrekallu, a second year Post Graduate student is a personification of this. Surabhi ventured into making earrings by accident. Known for sketching and painting in college, Surabhi was interested in all forms of drawing and design.

Surabhi got the idea of making ear rings when she was in her final year at St Aloysius College, Mangalore. She made a few earrings with two hostel mates using beads, m-seal and colours. She displayed them in hostel during the annual programme. The positive response from friends spurred her on.

After her graduation, she joined St Joseph’s Arts and Science College, Bangalore for her post graduation.

Surabhi first sold her earrings at the November fest, organised by YMCA, Bangalore. The experience also showed her a new way to make earrings. “Earlier, I made ear rings using beads and m-seal which required a lot of time. At the November Fest a fellow creator tipped me off about making earrings with paper. I went online, learnt the art and added my artistic background to enhance its style.”

It is an easy art for collegians and house wives, she says. “I use quill papers, which I roll to make different shapes and sizes. After this is done, I design it using beads and paint. Here, the colour combination is important.”

Patience Surabhi says is essential. “At first, I used to take more than an hour to make one earring. Now I take half an hour. Whenever, there is a bulk order for earrings my mom helps me. Making earring depends on the size and design.


Going to the beginning Surabhi says, “I would wear the earrings I made for functions in college. I coloured them to match my clothes. My classmates liked them and asked where I had got them from. Word spread and I have made nearly 1000 pairs of earrings for my classmates and friends.”

Bookings at Facebook

Surabhi then created a Facebook page which works as a one stop solution for those who wish to buy earrings and also for men who wish to gift them to their significant others.

Surabhi has got a number of enquiries and bookings through facebook. “Someone wanted 1000 ear rings to sell in his shop. However, I turned down the offer, as exams were on and I didn’t have the time.”

Surabhi has displayed her work at several fest and programmes. At any college fest in Bangalore a stall of Surabhi’s colourful ear rings is the go-to place for pretty handmade jewellery.