‘Gulabi’, the spring collection of Anupama Dayal is inspired by her travels abroad but is still identifiable with her Indian roots

Gulabi is a free-spirited girl who is a traveller, honours her freedom and is still deep-rooted in Indian culture. It is also the new line of clothing unveiled by Anupama Dayal, a fashion designer operating from Hauz Khas village at Ogaan. “Gulabi is just like me,” says the designer who belongs to the haveli culture of traditional India. She has travelled the world and observed different styles of dressing for women and picked up the suitable slices of Western world fashion to integrate them with Indian wear. “Our culture, our body type disagrees with the complete adoption of Western clothing. Our youngsters often blindly wear ill-fitting clothes and therefore look hopeless. Fashion sense is all about accepting your body type, believing in yourself and expressing one’s true identity comfortably,” states Anupama.

The entire theme was projected in pink shade to establish the philosophy behind Gulabi, the new spring summer collection from Anupama. It was a trendy affair and had a nomadic feel about it. “The collection is heavily inspired from my visits to different parts of the world specially this one shares patterns from Turkey and Uzbekistan nomadic tribe apparels.” The exceptional fusion of Indian traditional dresses like Banarsi saris and suits tweaked with Western styling creates a splendid craft.

Anupama has a social tangent too on her agenda apart from satisfying the mounting fashion cravings of this generation and Anupama says: “Women need to be empowered and shown the same opportunity window as their male counterparts. My dresses push self-confidence in women, encourages them to believe that they are complete, free and their beauty needs to be celebrated.”

Anupama has also diversified her fashion skills to furniture designing, cushion designs, purse and several other accessories for women. She wants to reach out to every woman and update about fashion sensibilities. She has purposefully priced her products to suit more sections of the society. “Fashion has come full circle. Who says we are still a Third World country,” braved one guest at the event. It was clearly a big moment for Anupama as the entire clothing was based on her experiences in life. She said: “Gulabi is my derivative because like me she too realizes that post global-trotting we can’t disengage from our roots and no matter how much we travel and wear foreign brands we will come back eventually to our legacy. It is like coming home.” She, however, is not very impressed by dress choices of men these days and she strongly advises them to approach fashion intelligently. In her words: “Men are becoming boring.” She is quite ecstatic with the way Indian fashion industry is growing and leaving a mark on international arena. She is hopeful that the influx of young talented professionals will make situation boundless and present positive results.

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