Wish to make a lasting impression? Time to go for some bold stuff that is both authoritative and powerful …

There was a time when every woman opted for sombre styles and the minimalistic look. Then came a period when the dramatic and fanciful look dominated. While the changes indicate the desire to look different and beautiful, they also boost confidence and the feeling of dominance. Come summer, and there will be an influx of accessories to complete your power-packed look.

Bold Jewellery

Gone are the days of delicate danglers, fine and intricate neckpieces and thin lightweight bangles. “Working women can't afford to waste time wearing too many jewellery pieces. So they prefer something solid and highlighting. Also, if you are in a powerful position, delicate and fragile pieces will not suit your profile. Don't select big pieces that can overload you. Anything domineering should gel with your personality,” says designer Mira Gulati of Mirari Jewellery.

Highlight: For an authoritative impression, go for animal patterns, leafy designs in jewellery. Floral is a no-no!

Power of Colours

Yeah, you guessed right! A woman flaunting a bright clutch is always the centre of attraction in any evening get together. This holds good at the workplace too. This season select some vibrant colours for your clutches or office bags. Women's bags are going powerful.  Animal textures, stiff leather, flaming reds and forest greens are in. The combination of hard leather and bright hues leaves a lasting impression and sends out a ‘don't mess with me' message.

Highlight: While summers are about pastel colours and soft textures, don't opt for bags that are plain and light in shades!

Watch the time

Ever wondered why women in powerful positions select for big bold round dial metallic wristwatch? What's on your wrist has a direct connect to your state of mind. “Women should be particular about their wrist watch. Those who are decision makers should never try delicate styles with tiny dial and fancy designs. The classic round shape with a metallic strap has a domineering look. But for the evening, opt for something colourful, delicate but slightly expensive,' says designer Tarun Tahiliani who recently launched Tarun Tahiliani watches for Timex Group.

Highlight: Sa no to sleek styles and a dial in which you can't read the time!

Well heeled

High heels have their pros and cons but nothing can beat them when you want to add inches to your personality. Heels are never out of fashion. This season try heels like wedge, pointed, block, bellies and more. Natural shades are a big rage but you can play with a vibrant palette too. Footwear with a great heel is must for a woman who wants to highlight her authoritative personality.

Highlight: Don't combine flats when your other accessories are strong in look. It will spoil the effect!


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