Vani Gupta's collection reflects her desire to offer something new to her customers.

With her casual looks and attitude, Vani Gupta, would pass off for just another youngster but her bags can definitely not be labelled ‘common'. Here's a look at this young designer's profile:

Work experience

Did a short curse in fashion from London and has been designing bags under the label ‘No Dimensions' for seven years. She stocks in boutiques like Zoya Cyprus, Kimaya and Amethyst across the country. She also exports her designs to Europe.

Her work

Vani has always been interested in bags. “Lots of people ask me ‘why don't you do shoes and other accessories', but I feel there is so much to do in bags itself with fabric, shapes, material. I use a lot of leather, suede, patchwork, fabric that are interesting, floral, jute for summer collection.” Big bags are her style — “I do not see the point of having something that you can't fit anything in.” Vani keeps changing her collection with the season. Her recent winter collection featured a lot of velvet. Her designs are also influenced by the global trends and gets a lot of forecast on fashion and trends as she works with clients in Europe.

Summer collection

This collection is a lot about summer and blending white with a lot of different shades like brown and beige, peach, pink. It features clutches, handbags, college bags, party bags and many more.


Generally the Indian consumer loves going for bags with the Indian look. Only certain people travel a lot and are exposed to different international trends. They're my target.

Styling tips

Vani swears by contrast just like her collection. If your wardrobe is completely white or red, contrast it with a bag of a totally different colour, she says. The idea is to break the monotony of the dress and add just a dash of contrast. “Also try to match your bag with your footwear or hair band — with some element in your dress.”

Small fish in a big pond

“I have been working with a lot of buyers for a lot of years and they love my quality and styling. They are happy with what I offer. And so thankfully, I don't have to go look for work. I am happy with whatever work I have,” says Vani who believes that no matter how young or old you are in t his competitive field, the work speaks for itself.

For young designers

Those aspiring to enter this world of fashion shouldn't go with the flow and give in to the general trend, is what Vani would like to warn them against.

“Do something different; try to make people understand your work. If the designer tries to do something similar to that of an established designer, then there is not going to be anything different to offer in the market. Do something that your heart believes in and slowly people will start accepting your style.” She should know because that is exactly what she is doing — “I know my bags will not work with everyone and but this is what I really believe in.”


Ph: 022 - 30406699/ 30426600/ +91-98201 55627



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