MADSAM-TINZIN, the Mumbai-based team of ex-NIFT-ians who have forged a creative partnership, speak about their work, friendship and collection for Chennai

A label named MADSAM-TINZIN? Well, it’s short for Madhuritu Dutta, Saumya Sharma, Tina Bharadwaj and Stanzin Dazes. It also reflects the individualistic thought process of four youngsters — all ex-NIFT-ians — keen on stamping their imprint on the fashion world.

The Mumbai-based designers are in Chennai today at Collage, Greams Road, to display Patang, a collection that celebrates the happy hues of Spring-Summer. Flattering silhouettes, delicate embroidery and lush fabrics are their speciality (think jamdani Dhakai, camouflaged thread work and pleated kurtas in sushi voile teamed with lycra satin pants and chiffon dupattas with floral motifs).

Excerpts from an interview:


Being friends, we always accomplished projects together in college and imagined that one day we would start working together. That was a common thought for eight of us. As we started working after college, the thought vanished. And as it happens with most of us, we got on with life, on independent paths. Until last year, when the thought crossed our minds again. We created MADSAM-TINZIN. We’re here to stay.


As a matter of fact, when the four of us go shopping, we end up picking the same styles in different colours! That explains a lot about our sensibilities. Even though we are different personalities, with individualistic mindsets, there runs a common thread which puts our creativity on the same radar.


No, it doesn’t get chaotic with each of us trying to do something on our own. A painting can evoke different emotions in different individuals. Similarly, we work on four thoughts, as four filters. It then distils into one channel to create the best possible product.


For Chennai, we are unveiling an updated version of our line Patang that got a great response in places like Mumbai. We are also showcasing an exclusive Dhakai jamdani collection with some one-off pieces. This collection is a small initiative to focus on the richness of fabric and the beauty of cotton in formal wear.


We like to keep the audience guessing about the work we do. The thought of working on a variety of styles, fabrics and even accessories keeps us excited about our work. It helps us exercise our creative minds.


As luck would have it, our clients saw the spark in our work, even amidst the crowd in the fashion firmament. We value them and would continue to design to keep them happy. Frankly, if your work finds a suitable client, it doesn't need to cut through clutter. The client will gravitate to it. Our garments, not specific to any age group, are appreciated by a wide audience! Counting variety as one of our USPs, we would like to focus on our core aesthetic — which is flattering silhouettes and understated, intricate embroidery. Our aim is to create clothes that are statement-making, but at the same time don’t overshadow the personality of the wearer.