Fabulloso looks at catering to a range of design sensibilities

A magician’s hat reveals a rather flamboyant ‘F’. And fittingly, just like a rabbit coming out of a hat, clothes, home décor, bath products and accessories from designers around the world spread across the page of this website. Fabulloso, a curated online store, strives to do a little more than just online retail.

A different mix

Started this January by Gaurav Taneja and his wife Anupma, the website aims at appealing to a range of design sensibilities. “Not everyone wears designer products all the time. So, we have a mix. We have big names in design such as Neeru Kumar and Gaurav Gupta who sell their products through us. We also look at promoting upcoming and amateur designers who meet our expectations,” says Gaurav.

Fabulloso also offers custom changes to certain products. “If you want a certain beige dress in pink or a shoe in your size, we can talk to the designer and get it done,” says Gaurav.

“Our products start at Rs. 100. We load new items thrice a week, and have sales in different categories every Friday.”

Easy navigation

Fabulloso’s long list of items is neatly categorised based on the designer, product and gift ideas, making it easy to navigate. The feedback widget on the page follows the customer around so that anytime there is a problem, prompt feedback can be given.

“The ‘Visit Us At F!’ link gives directions to our office. We operate out of Delhi currently, and if you want to see the fabric before you buy it, you can.”

Over the last seven months, Fabulloso has developed a loyal clientele and hopes to continue this. “People also like the fact that we deliver within three days anywhere in India,” he smiles.

(For details, visit Visit Fabulloso at www.fabulloso.com)