At a show organised by Kerastase, stylists and dancers came together to create couture hair dos

Kate Moss was there in a black, plunging back outfit, looking every bit seductive and glamorous with her high volume hair do. We didn’t meet her, no such luck, but she was there, looming large, on the black and white posters for Kerastase. Moss is the brand ambassador for the hair care brand that celebrates its 50th year. In India, it’s the brand’s ninth year. To mark its half century and the launch of a new product line titled Couture Styling, Kerastase organised a soiree at Dublin, replete with music, champagne and stylish hairdos.

At first it was all a little too confusing as dancers in white waltzed about on stage doing graceful ballet movements. And we wondered about the significance of the performance! Then, amidst cheering, hairstylists in black marched onto the platform dramatically spraying hair mist in the air, keeping in tune with the music. They artistically ruffled through the dancers’ flowy mane giving them quick yet elaborate hairstyles as they continued swivelling and dancing. The curls seemed as soft as the ballerinas’ pirouettes. The looks created included Red Carpet, Virtuous Lift and The Art of Curls. The four hairstylists — Abhirup from Saks, Rohit from b:blunt, Sandrine from Jean-Claude Biguine and Loic from Dessange are part of the K creative team.

“A lot of people are apprehensive about styling. The show depicted sensuality and fluidity in motion that can be created with our products. This range is light and gives a natural look,” said Saumya Kowtha, assistant product manager, Kerastase.

Ballet and a bit of hip hop was what it took to explain that styled hair isn’t necessarily stiff like cardboard.