Jewellery designer Pavan Anand launches a new line in the city on Friday

For Mumbai-based, continent-hopping jewellery designer Pavan Anand, creativity is about drawing from diverse references. In Chennai, to launch his new line, that was incidentally the toast at the New York Fashion Week recently, the designer speaks about his eclectic influences and his architecture background that helps him step-up the style and structure of his creations.

WHAT'S NEW This line reflects my varied influences — from Persian art and Art Deco to Victorian styles and French lace. But whatever the reference, there's a strong Indian undercurrent. I guess, that's my strength. It appeals to the huge chunk of global Indians who have eclectic tastes and seek a certain urban versatility when it comes to designs. I haven't given the line a name. Would like it to remain open-ended! It's diverse, it's fusion. There's no single thread of inspiration. “Stunning” is the word that kept recurring in my mind while working on the line. So, all I wanted it to be is stunning!

COLOURS AND CREATIVITY Like all my previous collections, this one, too, is driven by colour. I've played with deep tones because they suit us best. And the textures too are pretty varied — Moroccan beaten gold, Egyptian filigree and French lace. It's a fusion of colours and textures.

WHAT SPURS ME Inspiration is largely from my travels. I'm fascinated by art and architecture. A lot is of what we see around is filtered and locked in our minds. It comes out when the design process begins. Travel is the best stress buster. It rejuvenates the mind and opens it for a fresh creative spell. My last vacation was to a remote island in the Philippines. It was an eye-opener. I found pearls of unbelievable colours and textures.

ARCHITECTURE AND JEWELLERY Being an architect-turned-designer, I place a lot of importance on form and symmetry. Also, disciple is something that I learnt from my days as an architect. As a designer, you have these flights of fancy. And, as an architect, you are forced to be precise. So I guess the combination helps me create ‘workable designs.'

GLOBAL SUCCESS It's about being in the right place at the right moment. Being 22k gold-plated with precious and semi-precious stones, my line is about affordable beauty. It's for this generation that likes to change styles more often. So, it makes sense to give an incredible product with the reasonable price tag. At a time when designers gravitate to an on-your-face-Western sensibility, I've consciously kept mine Indian. Today, 80 per cent of my market is overseas — mostly Indians living in the U.S., Europe and Canada. And, they buy it for that inimitable touch of Indianness.

(Pavan Anand launches his new line under the brand name Dagmar, on Friday at Collage, Greams Road.)


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